Game Vortex: Spectrobes: Beyond the Portal Review

Game Vortex writes: "Spectrobes didn't set the monster-collecting genre on fire, but it was a fun, solid experience. With the sequel, Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, Disney and Jupiter have gone back and retooled the experience. Though there are some noticeable improvements, there are still a few lingering problems.

Everything is presented in full 3D. Even though 3D isn't one of the system's strengths, it fits the game's stylized art style. There are 185 Spectrobes to collect in the game and all look really good. Each has its own traits, but still manages to retain a look that is consistent with the rest of the world. All of your Spectrobes can evolve into different types and you can even swap out parts, adding a lot of variety to the game. Even more impressive is the lack of major slowdown. The framerate catches a bit of a hitch when there are a lot of monsters on the play field, though this mainly happens when they're unleashing a number of effects-laden attacks."

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