Best HDD for PS4 and Xbox One - the 4TB WD My Passport - is 42% cheaper right now

Sound the deal klaxxon! If you've been thinking about some extra game library storage space for your console (or your PC) then now is the time to strike as our favourite external HDD is currently on offer: the Western Digital my Passport 4TB behemoth is down to $98.99 at Walmart for US readers; and down to £87 at Amazon UK for UK residents.

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PhoenixUp7d ago

That’s the same one that I’m using now

KwietStorm7d ago

42% cheaper? I regularly see about that same price on ebay, new.

hiawa237d ago

I am using a 4TB, 2TB Samsung Evo 860 SSDs, a 2TB Crucial MX500 SSD in my X1X, and a 2TB Seagate SSHD in my PS4 Pro. The prices for SSDs have really come down and continues to drop. I recommend anyone should go with those over standards drive if they can.

quent7d ago

Why the down vote, the crucial SSD especially is great value

Abnor_Mal7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I picked up a 4tb WD EasyStore from Bestbuy online last year black Friday for eighty dollars.

BrettAwesome5d ago

Damn! That's a really good deal!