E3 PC Gaming Show Will Be Held June 10th, Sponsored by the Epic Games Store

The PC market is in a state of disruption right now, largely due to the actions of Epic Games and their aggressive strategy of buying exclusives for their new launcher and storefront The Epic Games Store, which we’ve reported on extensively. Despite heaps of criticisms thrown at the store and their approach, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says he has no intentions of stopping, and we’ll probably be seeing more of that this E3. It was announced that the fifth annual PC Gaming Show will be held June 10th, and it will be sponsored by The Epic Games Store.

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Blu3_Berry8d ago

YAY more amazing Epic Timed Exclusive BS that consumers gotta suffer from.

agent45328d ago

What I hate about Epics' time exclusives is the fact that I cannot buy them via greenmangaming, G2A, GOG, or any other storefront