Hideo Kojima Gives Blessing to Metal Gear Solid Remake in Dreams

PushSquare: “We weren’t joking when we said we could rebrand Push Square as a Dreams fansite, but there’s so much impressive stuff getting made that it deserves the digital column inches. Take this Metal Gear Solid remake, which is so impressive that it’s already gotten Hideo Kojima’s approval. The auteur certainly didn’t keep creator Bearskopf waiting.”

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PhoenixUp8d ago

That’s a high amount of praise

bouzebbal8d ago

Lol yeah was thinking the same

UltraNova8d ago

Ok now that Kojima gave his blessings I'm expecting Konami to barge in and take this down...

Lionsguard8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

That's nice of him but I wouldn't put it past Konami to copyright it.

Edit: F*** KONAMI!

rainslacker8d ago

That's what I was thinking. Kojima is pretty cool with the fans showing their appreciation. Konami are a**es that would piss off fans out of spite, or because they think it would negatively affect the sales of a spin off

No Way8d ago

Can you claim copyright if the creator isn't profiting from it?

KillZallthebeast8d ago

I believe so since you see it all the time in pc gaming, and basically anything nintendo

P_Bomb8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I knew he’d approve.

Konami’s had an official Metal Gear tools and level kit in LBP for 10 years now. If anything they’ve encouraged this sorta thing by selling the community tools that add authenticity. If they’re $mart they’ll make D(reams)LC, not claims.

generic-user-name7d ago

You could say it adds value to Dreams, therefore MM are profiting from it.

P_Bomb7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

LBP hasn’t been sued or claimed by another publisher or partner in 10 years. Only things that got taken down early that I personally was aware of, were screenshots of things like Activision COD boxart, although my videogame action figure screenshot prizes never were.

The smart ones will see potential to actually make some money by creating DLC from their IP. Ubisoft, EA, Square, Namco, Bethesda, Capcom, Konami, From, WB, DC, Marvel, Disney have.

Minecraft is an even richer target that not only avoids heat but meets it head on: crossplays content with Nintendo and PC, shares character packs from Xbox with PlayStation. You can get yourself some licensed Gears/Halo skins on PS4. Likewise there’s a licensed LBP pack for Minecraft. My platinum pic is with Sackboy lol.

If Dreams does near as good as LBP1/LBP2, third parties just found themselves another decade of possible DLC revenue. Something’s better than nothing. All they gotta do is not rock the community’s boat.

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frostypants7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Um...they already own the copyright. Think you mean they'd enforce it. And yeah...they probably will if this project becomes more than just a short scene.

WeAreLegion8d ago

Working on a Zombies Ate My Neighbors sequel because Konami is horrible, too.

Lord_Sloth7d ago

It was called Ghoul Patrol.

WeAreLegion7d ago

Yeah. It just wasn't very good though.

KwietStorm8d ago

Well of course he does, it's spelled Kojima, not Konami. I wouldn't put it passed them to make a takedown claim just because Kojima spoke out on it.

Thundercat778d ago

Wow. I still don't understand how people are able to do this stuff on Dreams.

Imalwaysright8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

My best guess is a combination of MM being extremely ambitious and good at what they do and peoples' passion and creativity.

sprinterboy8d ago

Imagine what a team of dreams Community players could do with a year or 2 (day and night)

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