Xbox World 360: Call of Duty: World at War Preview

Xbox World 360 writes: "Call of Duty: World At War has had a rough ride in the four small months it's been in the public eye. At first people were aghast at the fact the game was returning to WWII. Then they were horrified that Infinity Ward had given way to Treyarch as the game's developer. Then hands-on impressions started to filter in, slowly eroding the built-up cynicism and now there's a positive buzz of excitement about the game. So, what is it really like? We've played a sturdy preview version through to the end - one of the few people outside Activision to do so - and we're pleased to report: it's great.

The game starts with torture. You play an American soldier, captured during a raid on the Pacific island of Makin, and you're forced to watch as a Japanese interrogator puts his cigar out in your buddy's eye before slitting his throat. It may be slightly more graphic than the level near the start of CoD4 where you're forced to see through President Al Fulani's eyes as he's executed by Al Asad, but it has the same desperate feel. Mercifully it doesn't end badly for you this time."

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