How Google Stadia Made Me Reflect on My Physical Gaming Space

The potential success of Google's Stadia platform could be groundbreaking—in that it can prevent the further buildup of console boxes.

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Nyxus10d ago

“Will something be lost on the way while transitioning to an all-digital future, or could this change possibly be for the best?”


WickedLester10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

People are already transitioning to an all digital future (myself being one of them). Not sure why it took Stadia to make you reflect on it.
I've been all digital this whole generation. The only thing I've lost is the need to have to find room to store my games! I absolutely love having my library be all digital.

anonymousfan10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I would love to go all digital to save on space but I cannot get over the fact that:

1. I have to pay more than physical most of the time (digital sales are not as good as either new or used game sales, prices also tend to drop far less rapidly)

2. I have zero resale value if I buy digital.

Edit: to add to the above: 3. I do not have piles of disposable income i.e. I am trying to spend my money wisely.

rainslacker10d ago

He's talking about the fact that people wouldn't need multiple consoles. Not digital itself.

timotim10d ago

All digital this entire generation...I don't own a single physical game and I'm not going back. Don't need Stadia for that.

supes_2410d ago

Then you don’t mind getting ripped off. Sorry but not for me, I prefer deals and sales. Better deals on physical than digital

timotim10d ago

That's a very silly statement to make...obviously, since I'm the one spending my own money to purchase these games, ill be the judge of that. There are gamers who have no problems going to Gamestop just to grab used games...these very people might say you're getting ripped off by buying your games new at GameStop...its all subjective. I bought the digital games that I wanted to buy and got many of them on some very good sales in the Xbox Store. The convenience of all the space and time I save never having to store or switch disc's more than makes up for you possibly spending a couple fewer dollars on your games.

WickedLester10d ago

Clearly you dont know what you're talking about. There are Flash Sales and discounts happening all the time on the PlayStation Store (I'm not an Xbox owner but I assume its the same there as well). Your sweeping general statement of "better deals on physical than digital" tells me you havent done your research.

PhoenixUp10d ago

I’ll always value my console boxes

timotim10d ago

I use to be that way back in the day. Especially during that Sega Saturn Era...loved those cases...but after having a kid and valuing space more and more...I laugh at that stuff now. I hate DVD, CD and game racks taking up all my space.

Tross10d ago

I like having options. I love owning my games so, having boxes is something I enjoy. On the other hand, digital is a great option to have, and in some situations it’s a blessing. For example, because I like doing random things, I recently completed my plan to fit every downloadable PSP retro compilation on one memory stick. It’s a fascinating oddity, and one I don’t plan on making use of more than occasionally, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to try doing for a while.

In any case, I like having access to both physical and digital copies of games. By digital I mean games I can download and have unlimited access to not pending a connection to a server. If I want to dabble in streaming, PSNow is an option, but it’s not really for me. It’s still a better option than having to buy a Stadia just to have that one type of game access

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