Final Fantasy VII Is Bigger Than Spoilers

Last week, a minute-long teaser brought the Final Fantasy VII remake roaring back into view for the first time since it was announced in 2015. The footage looked spectacular, a dazzling new way to play one of the most familiar and beloved games of the last 25 years. But is it safe to spoil?

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Segata8d ago

Is Star Wars? Yes. It's 22 years old. Like everyone knows Vader is Lukes dad and everyone knows Aerith dies. It's a running joke.

Nitrowolf28d ago

I’d almost argue to a degree it’s not.

For the vanilla story I say yeah it’s be fine to spoil since it’s a story know for 22 years now.

but apparently they’re expanding on some of the story here with this remake. Whatever that means exactly who knows but if they introduce new characters or extend their origin more or something that’d be new for everyone.

naruga7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Lame Kotaku after the bashing they got with idiotic articles about "whatever" corectness in FF7 remake try to bait more clicks with more (this time favorable) FF 7 articles

blacktiger8d ago

man that is god damn true, I like star wars better

Silly gameAr8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Can't spoil something that we played over 20 years ago, but I would never spoil it for a newcomer that never played the original. I hope before they played the remake, they would check out the old one.

kayoss8d ago

Spoilers? You know that if you google FFVII, you can actually read everything about the game?

FullmetalRoyale6d ago

That’s how almost all spoilers work.

djl34858d ago

If you haven't played FFVII by now then too bad.

TeamIcoFan8d ago

I waited 10 years for Final Fantasy XV, I can definitely wait 10 for this.

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