Capcom Confirms Devil May Cry Switch is a Port of PS4 HD Collection Version, No Price Set

Don't cry, Switch owners. The original Devil May Cry is coming to Nintendo's hybrid console, marking the first time the Devil May Cry series has come to any kind of Nintendo system. The Switch edition of the game is based on 2018 Devil May Cry HD remaster collection for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though it's being sold as a stand-alone title.

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meganick805d ago

It should be no more than $10.

Sgt_Slaughter805d ago

Double edged sword here.

If you support this and it sells well, that tells Capcom they can do shady releases separately on the Switch that PS4/Xbox One got in an "all in one" package for the same price.

If you don't support this and it fails, they will see it as a sign that Devil May Cry and other re-releases shouldn't be ported and they'll slow down support.

All I know is Capcom can never made things easy. Resident Evil 4, for example, was a Gamecube exclusive for a bit yet that release got better treatment than the Switch release coming up.

Literal_Cringe805d ago

They forgot to bring the rest of the HD collection

805d ago
AK91804d ago

Kinda silly that they didn't include 3 and 4 both games ran on 360/PS3 at 60fps with no problems and Switch has been proven to have better hardware than both.