EA: PS3 Red Alert 3 back on

The previously "on hold" PS3 version of RTS Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is back on, with EA promising to do "some really cool things" that make the most of the 1080p resolution and extra space Blu-Ray and PS3 provides.

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4024d ago
neo_ad4024d ago

Dam just as I got for the PC :(

JsonHenry4024d ago

Maybe they will allow keyboard and mouse support on the PS3?

Gothdom4024d ago

I feel for you neo_ad. I was about to do the same, but I would've had to upgrade the old computer.

I will get the PS3 version day one instead.

Socom4024d ago

EA gets most of its income from PS3 now. When they get most of their money from the PS3, well they lovy PS3 long time, people. We all knew this would come to PS3. Just like with all the bunch of other titles that EA owns.

Say what you want about EA, there is however no doubt that they are the biggest 3rd party publishers. And they didnt became big by being stupid (Bethesa, Epic etc). They became big by observing the trend and siding with the winner. And thats the PS3 as they are fully aware no doubt.

I Call 9MM4024d ago

It's not too bad of a game, but having the co-op commander always with you can get quite annoying after awhile. They are just so stupid at times that they have no value in combat, then at other times they seem to get half the mission done before you even really get going. More fun with a real human in control of them, or if they weren't there at all.

If they are using that extra blu-ray space they should at least try to make the videos full screen size. On the PC they put a border around the videos to make them smaller and hide the compression. Didn't need to do that with C&C 3 though. Could have put it on two DVDs for PC gamers, that would have been a nice gesture.

This should be a fun one for PS3 users. Hope some of those refinements come down the line as patches for us PC users though. I have to deal with crappy SecuRom it's the least you can do EA.

jams_shop4024d ago

Have you guys notice how EA has change? I am starting to think that they really want our money. Heck I would say that they make more money on the PS3 than they do on any other console wait a minute... they do.

green4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Sorry buddy but EA makes more money on the 360 than they make from the PS3,PSP and PS2 combined.

ultimolu4024d ago

Did you analyze the *overall* total in terms of Sony?

Ju4024d ago

Not only that. It looks its also the first 3rd party trying to push PS3 further (1080p and BD content? Hell, yeah). Somebody found the key to PS3 development, it seams.

4024d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.