Anthem At E3: Announcing Less Than A Total Rework Will Ruin Bioware

Anthem will be shown at E3, according to Bioware and EA, but they need to be careful what they announce or risk killing the game entirely.

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ziggurcat8d ago

why are they showing a game that's already released?

PatrickJS7d ago

Presumably, they're going to be showing off some new content? Hopefully, it's free as an "apology" otherwise I don't know what they're thinking.

UnHoly_One7d ago

All new content was always going to be free, they said that long before launch.

rdgneoz37d ago

Beyond the micro-transaction store, all content is suppose to be free. It is just that they haven't stuck to their release schedule, let alone improved a bugged out game with a severe lack of end game. Hell, they claimed they were going to communicate more. Last one was saying no new info... They need to show they are listening to player feedback and rework a lot of their sh!t, or this game is going to die off completely. E3 is one of their last chances to win people back.

Servbot417d ago

All new content was delayed with no release date given like a week or two ago. Doubt its gonna magically pop up at E3 and/or not be a sky recolor.

NiteX7d ago

It definitely won't be a total rework. I'd imagine they would say we got new events and strongholds and a location, and then just say something like oh we also fixed loot. That's pretty much it.

thesoftware7307d ago

I hope not, even tho loot to me is the biggest problem with the game. Boring loot and terrible drop rates need a lot of work.


Anything less than a FF14 like event won’t help this game. I’m their target audience and when people like me want nothing to do with your game it’s a wrap...

thesoftware7307d ago

I agree 100%. I was an avid supporter of this game..I still like it, gameplay, concept the whole 9 yards..but the lack of content and the boring loot/drop rate made me stop for over a month now.

I haven't traded my copy as of yet, because I'm waiting to see what they announce at EA play, anything less than the full gambit of new features, loot, areas and a lot of end game content and or a big destiny overhaul, then it's off to gamestop/gamestore with it.

Anomander7d ago

agreed. I would be happy with just a better drop rate. I don't mind going out and doing the missions with how damn pretty the world is.

SlagWolf7d ago

I would agree but EA isn’t the company that’s gonna put the money down to make that happen. They will give you small updates and fixes while saying
“We are committed to Anthem”

MIKE702KA7d ago

Either a rework or the whole game is being scrapped and everyone's getting a credit voucher for any new release is my guess

Shikoku7d ago

Anthem has no business at E3. They have no time to do anything but work on the craptastic game that was Anthem. This is the second multimillion dollar mistake from Bioware and they should keep their mouths shut like Sean Murry did and fix their game.

RealOldGamer6d ago

Somewhat agreed. I do wish there was more communication from them.

Shikoku6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I'd rather hear nothing and see results. They have shown ineptitude at every moment they have spoken since Anthem launched and the article exposing the development or lack there of Anthem went through over 7yrs. Bioware, for lack of a better example, is as smug as Gerald Broflovski smelling his own farts. They believe in their own crunch bullshit so much it has ruined them as a studio.

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The story is too old to be commented.