Sony’s first State of Play 05.09.2019: Blink and you might have missed it 7

On May 9th, Sony had their 2nd “State of Play” livestream in order to entice players to look forward to upcoming games as well as new content for current games. After the feedback Sony received from their first State of Play being overwhelmingly negative, we take a look to see if they improved things this time around.

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tree_fiddy5d ago

Overwhelmingly was pretty amazing for those it was addressing: PSVR users.

KickSpinFilter5d ago

I thought the first one was pretty awesome, but I also have PSVR

ifinitygamer5d ago

Editing on this article is all wrong. It was their second State of Play, and why is there a "7" in the headline?

jaycptza5d ago

vocal minority. They showed what they had. This article if full of shite

S2Killinit5d ago

Unmmm there were some great announcements