Days Gone Sales Prove Reviews Don't Matter

Days Gone did not review well. A quick glance at review aggregators across the web reveals an undeniably mixed response across the board. For every positive about melee combat, bike handling, and enemy design, there were complaints about inefficient storytelling, unlikable characters, and wonky shooting. It’s a huge AAA game from a studio that has been out of the home console development game for some time.

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Jin_Sakai10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I’ve watched and immense amount of gameplay from Days Gone and I can’t for the life of me see where all these bad reviews are coming from. The game looks great and is visually stunning.

JTGA10d ago

Yeah it seems like there's a massive disconnect between critics and the general public. Not the first time that's happened! And almost certainly won't be the last.

sprinterboy10d ago

The disconnect is that these sites and youtubers think they are celebrities now and forgotten about the games.
Kinda funny games has gone down hill Greg thinks he's a news reader lol

RememberThe35710d ago

The game is sitting at 72 on Meta with a user score of 8.0. That's not really a "massive" gap. Seems reviewers decided that technical issues were more important than the actual game and in that sense it's concerning for me as a reader seeing as so many games get a pass for tech issues with the knowledge that a day one patch and following patches are on their way. In general, response to this game has been positive. But I'm beginning to see what people have been complaining about when reviewers rip the game for having a white male lead or saying that bikers are boring and those really aren't helpful or relevant critiques.

I don't think the scoring of Days Gone is an indictment on reviews in general as much as certain individuals that just add far too much of their own bias into their reviews.

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Knushwood Butt10d ago


You've been ranting about this game for months. Maybe you should just let it go.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Realistically, despite what this article states, there isnt an even mix of reviews. The majority are positive. It's just the negative ones are getting much more attention.

darthv7210d ago

I've been saying this for the longest time now. Reviews... dont matter. there are lots of games that get review bombed by critics as well as users (its questionable if they ever played it, to be honest) and yet the games go on to do okay for themselves because people just want to play it. CD3 got crap reviews but you know, its a fun ass game. Same goes for some of the early releases this gen like Ryse, the order, driveclub, sunset overdrive. All of them didnt fair too well in the review department but they are all fun games in their own right.

you just have to put all other reviews aside and focus on the only one that matters... your own.

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Hardiman10d ago

I've never seen an open world with this level of detail. It even beats HZD because there's still so much of "US" left in this world because it's only been a few years vs hundreds. Each building is loaded with items and objects that just show you that they were once inhabited by people.

sprinterboy10d ago

HDR has hardly been mentioned either, top notch, it's only been df who have mentioned how great the HDR is.

Hardiman10d ago

@sprinterboy yes the HDR is incredibly done! The darker areas really look great because you can still see so much detail in the characters and objects. It's just all beautiful to look at.

S2Killinit10d ago

Dont worry Ive played the heck out of it and I also cant see why the bad reviews are so adament that the game is no good.

MatrixxGT10d ago

I’ve started relying on reviews a little more this gen and I usually make a decision after ready a variety of them and not just one or two. It saves me from preordering duds like Anthem.
However I bit the bullet and picked this up yesterday and so far I’m enjoying it.

carcarias10d ago

I agree.

It might be that reviews effect 1st week sales but it's word of mouth for the rest of the month and the games final judgement :)

I think the developers should take heart and feel vindicated.

carcarias10d ago


You're either trolling or being sarcastic. If it's the latter then well done, made me chuckle ;)

Experience? So many of these reviewers look like they're barely out college.

High standards and intellectual content in their games? The reviewer in this instance loves Ace Combat, a jet plane version of Dynasty Warriors :/

No Way10d ago

So does Anthem.. just cause it looks good, doesn't mean it is.

Not that I'm saying Days Gone is bad.. just in general, the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover."

SheenuTheLegend10d ago

the game is fun and long, that is something i wanted for many years and was missing since ps2 era.
Days gone brought it back.

Vizigoth0410d ago

I think this has to do with the length of the game there is s particular moment in the game where I thought enough story had gotten by to warrant the end but then I discovered what's over the mountain and was convinced this game has no end. I think some reviewers just didn't finish it but still wanted their review out before the games release. Others rated it after the game was out. Also it's not everyone's kind of game. But I'm loving it!

SyntheticForm10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Agreed - but I think people make too much of reviews. Compared to the masses, 'reviewers' are but a tiny palmful of people who play video games. Anyone can be a reviewer, really. You just need an general knowledge of gaming and an opinion, and those aren't particularly hard things to acquire.

The game is very good, and the people have spoken, but you're always going to have people that don't like something. It really isn't a big deal, and the headline is correct - reviews don't mean all that much. When something's good it catches on, no matter what a handful 'reviewers' say.

Case in point with Days Gone. People liked what they saw and disregarded a lot of what they read. We're our own reviewers.

ZombieGamerMan10d ago

Maybe play the game and see the texture blurs, see a zombie's head get chopped off but is still attached while his severed head roles down, the frames drop while driving, see you and an enemy floating horizontal on the ground as you sneak stab them. I tend to hate & mistrust reviewers yet this is one of those rare occasions I am forced to agree with them

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Chronicle78010d ago

It's almost like they sent reviewers an unpatched version to review and then released multiple patches since then...

tree_fiddy10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I can only try to imagine how it must feel after you were forced to play through all these extensive open world games this gen. Burned out of the genre. Doesn't change the fact it's highly unprofessional to let that (and politics) influence your review, especially when most importantly most gamers have NOT played all these games.

At least I'm happy I haven't and I love the game.

meep31610d ago

Mostly political agenda.

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AspiringProGenji10d ago

Rage 2 has similar Metascore to Days Gone and it is not getting this much articles and hate. Rage 2 despite its issues is being considered good and it might become a sleeper hit this year

Explain this, ''if it wasn't a Sony exclusive, it wouldn't be defended'' people

JTGA10d ago

Yeah it's fascinating isn't it? I suppose there is an argument to be made that platform exclusives carry a greater sense of expectation and hype than a third party release, but that seems massively unfair!

TheRealTedCruz10d ago

PlayStation 4 has around 100million sales, and holds multiple award winning exclusives.
It's laughable to make claims indicating media is holding them to biased standards.

WilliamSheridan9d ago

This is a sales article that uses sales to justify the game and then goes on to mention no sales figures...

Hardiman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

If RAGE 2 were s Sony exclusive it'd be getting the same level of hate as DG. But since it's not it doesn't!

If DG were a shit game, I wouldn't care, let alone buy it! But it is a good game and I for one am glad a console provider is still funding AAA open world games with this level of quality. Who else is? No one that's who! So when studios are chasing subs, GAAS and battle royales I'm thankful we're still get exclusives like DG. I wish more would fund games like this and I'm glad it's selling well!

aconnellan10d ago

“Same level of hate”

I think you have it the other way around. Rage 2 is getting similar scores but it’s not having 2-3 defence articles published a day because it’s not a Sony exclusive.

What I’m seeing is people struggling with an exclusive getting lower than the other exclusive scores - it’s ok that you enjoy the game, but by that token it should also be ok that the reviewers didn’t.

People are also acting like it got a 3/10, which it didn’t - 7-8/10 is not a bad score at all, so I don’t know what the big deal is

IRetrouk9d ago

Maybe because rage 2 isn't getting 2-3 negative articles a day, could that maybe be the reason? Just as many if not more negative articles have been submitted for days gone, makes sense there would be more defensive articles too, and most fans are not bothered by the scores themselves but the content of the review or article.

Christopher10d ago

I'll post another question: If people didn't overreact to less than desired scores, would we have as many articles about the game?

Journalists don't care about your opinion, they care about your ability to react and click on their articles.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

To answer that question, you have to supplement it with if the follow up articles would exist based on that reaction, if the people reacting to the low scores weren't being provoked to defend it due to the console wars.

When it comes to low scores, if someone reacts to the review itself, it's usually within the review itself, or some forum associated with the comment section here. Very rarely does it go beyond that.

But, now, most of the conversations I see are people reacting to those coming in and using those low scores to say the game is bad.

It's just two sides pushing two different narratives.

But, speaking on journalists, you are right that they will milk any potential click, and nothing does that like a low rated, high profile exclusive, or some outrage based on it.

OB1Biker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I don't think they dont care about your opinion is the right term. It's more like they don't want your opinion. They hate being criticised.
They just want gamers bitch about one another but not criticise the articles.

IRetrouk10d ago

It is all about the clicks at the end of the day, it's sad but true, and some do write for that reason alone.
Who's overreacting though?, is it the people defending? The people using the negative articles to push the idea that the game is bad? Both? Personally I think it's a combination, you do get people using the negative stuff to downplay vs actually playing something themselves, and you also get the opposite, it will always lead to debates or overreaction, it's the nature of opinion really isn't it.

Christopher10d ago

***is it the people defending? The people using the negative articles to push the idea that the game is bad?***

Defending has more on this than the other. If they weren't defending so much, the negatives would fall by the wayside and there would be a one-sided battle over it.

I don't know how many articles we need of people going "it's actually a good game!" If it is that, then you don't need to try and win people over by claiming it, let alone people who obviously just don't care if it's good or not. Just enjoy your good game and move on.

rainslacker10d ago

It becomes more of a chicken and egg argument though at some point. Like I said, the defenders would probably be contained mostly to the negative reviews, and die down when the bulk of the reviews had their time to shine. The discourse tends to feed of each side, so it's not so much that one thing needs to be questioned, but the overall picture of why all this comes to pass.

I wasn't saying one should ignore your question, just that there was more to it than what your question explicitly asks.

I think that when it comes down to it, there are two parts to the equation. The bad reviews reaction which get the "defense", which generally doesn't illicit lots of defense articles. Then the extra defense that comes with the typical console war diatribe.

stanr10d ago

If your source of news is too dependent on click bait headlines, go find a new source. This is why I stop reading almost any heavily politically leaning news outlet. The same goes for gaming news, if they're giving low scores for cheap clicks then go find a new source of news.

IRetrouk9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I still think it's more 50/50
If negative articles get published then the people playing that game and enjoying it will defend it, thats true for most things in life, less negative articles would mean less defence, but that still doesn't really answer who's overreacting, the people pushing the negative or the people defending said game? Defending something you like is human nature, we do it for anything we like, games are no different, if the negative articles get published, people will defend based on what the article talks about, I dont see the blame being anymore on one than the other. You are right, we should just play and move on, but we are on a gaming forum and that just wont happen.

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gangsta_red10d ago

You're right, Rage 2 is not getting any of the articles trying to convince people that 7/10 is a great score

Or how sales is how we should judge how great a game is like this article is saying here.

I wonder if Rage 2 was a sony exclusive would we get these articles to defend that game?

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AspiringProGenji10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The article isn’t judging the game because of sales. It is basically saying the game is selling despite the hate just because it didn’t reach Certain standards

If Rage was a Sony exclusive it would be the same thing, and yes it would get articles defending it, but that’s because at the same time it would be getting hate articles and tons of straw men saying the game sucks despite worth of mouth and even the 71 meta score saying it is just a good game. Nothing more nothing else

But since Rage 2 is a multiplat it won’t get any of this. So what is the issue here? DG is getting more hate for being a Sony exclusive despite having the same score as Rage, at least DG isn’t as bad as the Order or Knack yet it is still not enough for the strawmen

So it is because a Sony exclusive that this happens, rather than the usual assumption that because it is Sony their games don’t get as much hate

SolidGamerX10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Lots of people were defending low scores for Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 but you go ahead and keep spreading that narrative that its all a Sony thing.

S2Killinit10d ago

Personally im going by my own experience and its one hell of a game so far. I think the bad scores are so far off that people are getting confused.

gangsta_red10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"DG is getting more hate for being a Sony exclusive despite having the same score."

This is the flaw in your own strawman, that you actually believe that DG is getting more hate than any other game only because it's a Sony exclusive. That you admit that Rage 2 isn't getting the same level of defense we see with these articles and user comments despite it too getting the same mixed reviews and only because Rage 2 is multiplat should also tell you something.

"..but DG isn’t as bad as those yet it is still not enough for the strawmen"

It's also not as good as HZD, Spider-Man or God of War, no one was talking about strawmen or "hate" when those games were getting praised non stop by journalists.

"So it is because a Sony exclusive that this happens,"

Yes, agreed, it is because of a Sony exclusive that these defense articles have to be written, because no other games, multiplat or on any other system gets this treatment when they are scored poorly or just average.

I agree with Christopher, its a lot of overreaction and hair pulling over reviews that everyone keeps telling others not to worry about.

"but you go ahead and keep spreading that narrative that its all a Sony thing."

Because that's what you are spreading yourself right?

That's great, a lot of people feel the same, but I don't think there's any confusion just people wanting to make the game something more than what some journalists have experienced themselves.

AspiringProGenji10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

But you keep ignoring that the reason there articles defending it is because it gets as much articles againts it because it is indeed a Sony exclusive. If Days Gone were as bad it wouldn’t even get that many defense articles. The Order and No Man’s sky didn’t because those wer badly designed games

A multiplat game that scores the same won’t go through this. The overreaction goes both ways, and it shouldn’t the case at all. But again, you know well reason this is a thing.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Are people such as yourself going around using the lower than average reviews to say the game is bad with rage 2?

Ever consider the reactions after the review are more due to that, than the review itself?

gangsta_red10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"But you keep ignoring that the reason there articles defending it is because it gets as much articles againts it because it is indeed a Sony exclusive."

I seriously disagree, i think there's an overraction from gamers as well as these opinion articles that feel the need to have to defend this game only because it's a sony exclusive.

"Are people such as yourself going around using the lower than average reviews to say the game is bad with rage 2?"

No, i'm not. Because Rage 2 isn't bad, it's great.

IRetrouk10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Rage 2 is deffo getting some positive articles too, just like every game does, I have yet to play it but if it's better than the first it should be a blast.

Both positive articles for rage 2, talking about how good it is. I see no reason to hang onto the bad anymore than the good, untill I play it they are just others opinions. You say its great, I liked the first so have no reason to dissagree, but again untill I play it I wont know.

gangsta_red10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


Those are regular pieces that every game especially sequels get. That is not uncommon for any game.

What is uncommon are articles like this one that specifically have to defend a game through stretched means or like this one that has to explain how a 70 is a good score.

SolidGamerX10d ago

No that's what you're spreading and I like how you reply to me in messages to other people to try to hide the fact you replied, lol.

IRetrouk10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I'm sure more will come along that are similar to what we have seen for days gone, if the game is good the fans will speak out, thanks for the link, I missed that article, I dont see your issue with the post though, it brings up very valid points.

gangsta_red10d ago

Are you seriously insane. I replied to multiple people, including you.

"I'm sure more will come along that.."

And I'm positive there won't be any similar or the same as the examples I left for Rage 2.

"I dont see your issue with the post though, it brings up very valid points."

I disagree, even if Days Gone is selling well shouldn't somehow void the reviews or criticisms it's getting.

Kinect sold gangbusters when first released for 360, I would hardly say Kinect is exempt from criticism or harsh reviews because of it.

IRetrouk10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Only time will tell, I've seen plenty of other games get similar posts before on all platforms, I dont see why rage 2 would be different.
The article i was talking about was the one you linked, it's got valid points, as for this article, it too has valid points and not just that its selling well, did you read it? Theres nothing wrong with these articles pointing out the good anymore than the ones pointing out the bad.

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carcarias10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

"Rage 2 has similar Metascore to Days Gone and it is not getting this much articles and hate"

This is actually a very good point that has gotten lost under all the angry back and forth.

It's obvious that Days Gone got treated differently due to being a Sony exclusive and for having been talked about for so long. Same with Xbox exclusives. Which isn't fair, of course. Each game should be treated on its own merits, as if the reviewers didn't even know what platform or publisher made it.

In the end, it's all about controversy and clicks, as usual. Websites know that coming out guns blazing against a game like Rage 2 isn't going to generate any fights. People would just be saying, 'Jeeze, why are they making a big deal out of this? It's a mediocre to great shooter, depending on personal tastes, move on' and wouldn't bother clicking the headline links or making comments.

A Sony exclusive? Click bait heaven :) They know fanboys on both sides, and those who genuinely like the game and want to defend it against unfair treatment, will be clicking in a frenzy. Sad.

This is why I think people would be better served trusting gameplay footage, their own instincts and maybe find a handful of youtubers whose tastes align with their own, as much as possible.

Gamespot, IGN etc? No point hoping they're reliable since they have so many staff writers, you're never going to get any real consistency with regards to your own tastes, unless they just happen to always use the same reviewer for every game you're interested in.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I think it's not about the scores, but rather the attention the scores get. If this were multiplat, it's unlikely you'd have some people trying their hardest to push the narrative the game was bad. It would only garner attention if it also had some kind of anti consumer bs attached, or it did something to piss off a long standing fan base.

The reaction to the low scores is merely a by product of the console wars.

The click bait or political biased reviews are merely a product that this was a high profile game that I think some sites or journalists thought would not amount to much, so they thought they could interject some of their BS without getting called out to much because it wouldn't have become a.successful franchise.

No matter what comes of all this, I think this game is a perfect example of how politics and gaming dont mix, and exposes some reviewers as not trustworthy. I mean, if they're going to be bias to downstate a game because it has a white Male, is their review of with a female antagonist really worth considering. When one shows bias, it's hard to track the other way. So, if they review TLOU2, are we really to trust their 10 score, even if it's what we'd rate it at? If they dont derive the score from an ethical and unbiased point of view, I'd say not


there's the exclusive bump for hype which is because of the console wars.

But as far as the expectations, I think it's more because Sony has set the bar pretty high this gen. It is unfair to down rate a game if it doesn't meet those expectations, but is good otherwise, but that isnt what's happening here. In fact, In some ways, I think third party multiplats should be held to some of the standards applied to these games. One in particular for a while has been the nature of open world games and their mission structure. Or another biggie is if a game is innovative or not. Reviewers seem to have an inconsistent standard on what they want from different games, and it seems more like they pick and choose what to consider based on things other than more objective metrics that can be applied across the board.

TylerFischer10d ago

Rage 2 is pretty lackluster though

ShinRon10d ago

Rage 2 hasnt been hyped for years

Sony hypes up its exclusives more which is a double edge sword with reception but pretty much guarantees sales, considering the ps4s massive installment base.

10d ago
meep31610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Actual players don’t like rage 2 nearly as much as days gone.

antz11049d ago

Yeah, but Rage 2 didn't get the level of hype that Days Gone did.

Also I think you have it backward: this game wouldn't be getting such a defensive response if it wasn't a ps exclusive.

SharnOfTheDEAD5d ago

I seen Rage 2 criticised for it's story, tbh did it really need one in the first place? I don't remember Doom for it's gripping story. Cracking game overall, combat is ace.

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Hardiman10d ago

I'm having the best time with this game! The sheer terror that I feel at times is palpable and it's not just shock horror or jump scares but this sense of dread. I love it and Ive never experienced these feelings in an open world game before.

I was restoring power to the Nero camp beside the saw mill(which is full of Freakers) and I missed a speaker, so when I powered up the generator the horde came to it and there was a Breaker and my god what a fight. The Breaker took down quite a few but the numbers game got him in the end.

JTGA10d ago

You've literally just described my exact experience with this game. Terrifying and unpredictable, haha! You're right though. The best parts are the non scripted systems, interacting. I really don't understand why it has received so much hate!

Hardiman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yes I'd hate to live in a world where because of some misplaced loyalty I would miss a game like this because it's so much fun! There have been moments I pause and set the controller down because of dread lol. I love horror too, that's my bread and butter as far as art goes but this game taps into something inside of me and I love it! The Forest gave me similar feelings. That there are beings out there that want you Dead and you never know when they'll strike but Bend is onto something with DG and I hope we get an awesome sequel for the PS5!

I came across a Screamer last night up towards Tucker's place and she brought about ten so I threw a pipe bomb and right as I did a massive horde was coming over the ridge. I hauled ass to my bike and thankfully a herd of deer got their attention.

S2Killinit10d ago

true. You have a moment of panic when you get swormed. Lol that music doesnt help either!

nucky6410d ago (Edited 10d ago )

big agree - and it's not just terror but sadness as well. when i found all those names written on the blackboard at college and then discovered why those names are there? and when decon finds the tortured woman with 2 broken legs and he has her resting in his arms with freakers closing in and he knows what he has to do - wow - some very powerful moments in this game.

Hardiman10d ago

Yeah there is some heaviness to its story. I love Decon and Bill's relationship. At first it did seem like a stereotype but their relationship is pretty layered.

EverydayJoe10d ago

I missed a speaker in that same spot too.. damn. Every checkpoint after that I triple checked every speaker was gone.

Lexreborn210d ago

I ran into a horde on the highway in the day, and while I was thinning and running a Bear came out of no where and I was like “Yeah! F them up like you F me up!” And that poor bear got his ass handed to him by the horde.... didn’t get to lift a paw the way they beat his ass.

Things like this is what makes this game way more special then critics are giving it credit for.

AKS9d ago

Some of my favorite encounters have been greatly enhanced by the unpredictability. I didn't have the proper upgrades and weapons to be fighting a large group of human enemies and got spotted and was fleeing desperately when their fire drew a large nearby horde onto them, destroying all of the enemies who were about to kill me while I watched hidden in some shrubs. I also got clotheslined in an ambush, but as they started firing at me while I was down and stunned they startled a pack of wolves, which started attacking them and clamped onto the necks of machete-wielding goons 15 feet away from me.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro10d ago

I haven't read reviews in 10 years.

Hardiman10d ago

Back in the 90's I loved reading reviews and the reviewers that had similar tastes as me almost felt like friends to my younger self.

There was no company bias or agendas, just guys and gals playing games and letting you know if they were well made and fun.

No if a review lines up with me, cool(that's how people work) but reviews play no part in my purchasing habits. I can tell from gameplay and interviews if I'm gonna buy a game.

I go outta my way to support those who fund and deliver quality SP games(primarily) but quality games nonetheless.