Here’s why you should consider buying Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the upcoming follow up to 2017’s Ghost Recon Wildlands which mostly positive reviews on Steam and did quite well in terms of revenue for Ubisoft.

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strayanalog8d ago

Visuals, Mechanics, and Story. Gotcha. Okay, here's my craptastic list of why I won't buy it:

- Always online. I'm tired of this.
- Certain things have been taken away from the game that its predecessor had, like offline solo and co-op.
- The story, although interesting, is vaguely familiar. You know, group of soldiers, the Wolves, taking over an island that's not named Shadow Moses with a similar canine unit (I thought it an amusing similarity).

boyyzackk7d ago

You're comparing Metal Gear Solid, one of the best stories in any game ever to that of Ghost recon? Instant Irrelevant

strayanalog7d ago

Now we have something in common, because so is this comment.

boyyzackk7d ago

Also, lots of games are always online, get used to it cause that's what's coming

Elwenil7d ago

I considered it, then they made the deal with Epic, so boycott.