Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Always Online And What It Means For The Industry

With the announcement of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint comes the news that the game will also require an online connection at all times. What does this mean for the game, the series, and the industry as a whole?

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DaveZero1664d ago

It means nothing, because most games do this now days, it's not as if this isn't a thing already.

excaliburps1664d ago

Yep. I know it's a pain in the ass, and it's annoying not being able to play offline, but for gaming as a whole, always-online will be a thing especially for next-gen.

Zjet1663d ago

It means a lot to the Ghost Recon Community, a lot of us including myself are extremely upset about this.

I won't be buying it if it i dosen't get an offline mode.

snoopgg1664d ago

Good, I want to get my money 's worth out of Comcast. They are going to lose sales to people without internet, I guess they haven't learned anything from Microsoft.


Who really plays a current gen console without some form of internet? Like what’s the point? You can’t download patches or updates or use over half of these consoles features.

harmny1663d ago

so... epic game store exclusive, always online. my guess is comments are not gonna be very positive

addictedtochaos1663d ago

Don’t know what it means for the industry, but for me it just means that I won’t buy it. I have perfectly good internet but this is a deal breaker.

DaDrunkenJester1663d ago

I mean... is it really a shock? If you have played any Ubisoft game in the last 10 or so years you've had to connect to a Ubisoft account and be online.

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EDGE #339 review scores

This month’s EDGE review scores are as follows include Luigi’s Mansion 3, The Outer Worlds, and more.

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Ausbo1491d ago

Yikes. A 5 for afterparty. Not doing so good

1491d ago
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Hardiman1491d ago

I've only read ONE review from Edge and that was over a decade ago for RE5. Now RE5 didn't exactly do for me that say RE7 or RE2 Remake did but it was a solid action shooter.

But the particular reviewer came off as a pompous blow hard that just made me disconnect from her review.

ApocalypseShadow1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

It's why I stopped reading them or going to Barnes and Noble to pick it up. At first it came across as intellectual. With good interviews, discussion about technology, etc. Which was great.

But then you could see that there was this certain air of arrogance and pompous behavior. Like they were supposed to be elite reviewers. And their number scores were questionable during last gen.

Add in the cost of the magazine that was already expensive for what it was and that was the end of me buying it. I started to use more of the internet to look for game information. Not necessarily reviews.

Hardiman1491d ago

You know Apocalypse my experience is almost verbatim to your's! Down to getting them at Barnes and Noble to really enjoying the overall quality of the mag but then it did appear that they had a very high regard for themselves!

I first found the mag in 03 I believe at my local On Cue(loved the store because I lived in a small town and it was like mana) and found it enjoyable then.

The RE5 review though had the woman saying it was terrible of Capcom to have the virus infect Africans (I'm not kidding) and with 4 she had no issue because they were Spaniards and that wasn't offensive! Crazy shit that came off with a very elitist vibe!

ApocalypseShadow1491d ago

Maybe it didn't fit her narrative. And I'm black. I figured if these created viruses can infect white people, it can infect black people and everyone else.

Truthfully, I would have liked to have seen an RE scenario set in Tokyo or somewhere abouts just to see something different but an area that Capcom would be familiar with to design the game.

1491d ago
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Ubisoft acknowledge Ghost Recon Breakpoint's sales were abysmal

Ubisoft decreased their revenue projections for 2019/2020, as revealed on the most recent earnings call. One of the reasons for it turned out to be the "very disappointing" sales of Ghost Recon Breakpoint during the first few weeks.

-Foxtrot1501d ago

"First, it is harder to generate interest fora sequel to a Live multiplayer game, when prior iterations benefited from years of optimization. Consequently, we need to make sure there is more time between each iteration of Live game"

Maybe don't do live service games full stop.

Jeez, the rest of the report is depressing, they are so full of shit.

CP_Company1501d ago

they are going down as fast as bethesda did. i loved their games, but now, jeez, just pass.