5 Moments in Final Fantasy 7 That Have to Be Perfect in the Remake

Let's talk about the five parts of Final Fantasy's core storyline that Square Enix can't afford to mess up in Final Fantasy VII's remake.

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Ciporta19807d ago

1: the turn based combat.
2: see number 1
3: see number 2
4: see number 3
5: see number 4.

Think that's covered everything.

Snookies127d ago

So, you don't care about FFVII's world, characters, story, music, etc. You only care about the turn based combat. I mean, there are plenty of games that do have turn based in it. If that's actually all that you want in a game.

TeamIcoFan7d ago

Careful now, if you actually dare suggest that Final Fantasy VII was more than just its turn based gameplay you'll be label as a dumb millennial with ADD/ADHD and therefor too young and stupid to appreciate it, thus making you not a "real" fan.

Ciporta19807d ago

Like final fantasy 7 you mean?

Ciporta19806d ago

@teamicofan isnt it strange how I say what I'm looking for in the remake and then you start throwing offensive insults around. Seems like your the person not allowing someone their own opinion.

pietro12127d ago (Edited 7d ago )

So you don't care about the characters, lore, music and story? Btw it's been confirmed for nearly five years now that it won't be turn based.

TeamIcoFan7d ago

No, he doesn't.
He's a turn based rpg fan, not a final fantasy fan.

Juusterey6d ago

Because people like you think the turn based combat was the entire game

Ciporta19806d ago

Nope but it was a major part. Change that and it's a different game.

Ciporta19806d ago

People like you think real time combat was in the game.

Juusterey6d ago

It is a different game
That's the point of a remake
Not to be exactly the same

Ciporta19806d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Really? A modern remake should be completely different to the original? That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. If it needs to be different then don't do it and make a different game. End of story. Please name 1 remake that's had that drastic of a change in it.

Juusterey6d ago

You're right
That is stupid
Good thing I didn't say that and it was something you made up
If you're going to reply more, learn to read

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Kados7d ago

Cornhole doing the hellicopter on the bed, trying to get it on with Tifa, then Tifa threatening to rip them off. Wonder how they will handle that scene with modern visuals and voice acting.

forkymental7d ago

Who wouldn't want to see this with realistic characters in hi def?:

pietro12127d ago

That needs to be in the remake!

Vanfernal7d ago

Putting the optional characters in the ending... It sucked having Vincent in my group ever since he joined my party just to have him completely ignored in the ending.

Gardenia7d ago

Not having read the article yet this is what I can think of

- The music has to stay true to Nobue Uematsu originals
- The world should be an actual planet which you can fly around like the original, not a map like FFXV
- Every place has to be the same as the original, if done well they can extent on it
- Aerith's death, one of the most iconic moments in gaming history
- The fighting system, this has me worried
- The materia system, combining materia should be possible like the original

- And maybe most importantly is the atmosphere of the whole game. The days Squaresoft made the best JRPG's are long gone and what if they fail to give us what we expect from Final Fantasy VII? I wish it was my project so I knew I wouldn't screw it up

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