The timeless magic of Shadow of the Colossus

Why I Love: In Vitro Games founder Ricardo Verdugo Ortiz goes in-depth on Team ICO's masterpiece and Bluepoint's worthy remaster and remake

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Kribwalker455d ago

SotC and until dawn are my 2 favourite PS4 exclusives. It was a real treat to play this one for the first time. Great game

KickSpinFilter455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

To have TLG and SotC in the same gen was just such an awesome time. Want to get back to both and try to Plat them, but so many games to play, my backlog is ridiculous! Bluepoint did such an amazing job also on SotCr

leahcim455d ago

very good read thanks!
SOTC its a timeless masterpiece. period

454d ago