Gamer's Vote: Best Game of November '08 writes:

"Well... today is the day millions in America head out to cast their vote for the next President.

Debates, long lines, political commercial after political commercial... it will all be a thing of the past (thankfully), after today... Don't make excuses, get out and exercise your right to vote!

To shamelessly tie into this voting theme, we have set up a poll for you as well...

What do you think will be the best game of November '08?

We have picked the top games for each respective platform (360/PS3/Wii):"

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Dir_en_grey4033d ago

How the hell do you not put Little Big Planet in there?

You can only vote for Gears of War 2 for 360, Star Wars: Light Saber Duels for Wii, and Resistance 2 for PS3... WTF?!?

This Poll and both receive a major vote of FAIL from me =P

crocs4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Want to know why???

LBP was an October release (in North America anyway)...

Dir_en_grey = FAIL

dro4033d ago

OFF TOPIC... I must be dreaming, a BLACK man is president of AMERICA after all its history of racism and kkk and slavery..e.t.c

I never tought i will see this day... NOW i hope racism can end FOREVER and we can all live in PEACE.... GOD BLESS THE USA :)

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4033d ago
Sackdude4033d ago

why only put this in the Xbox360 section? why didn't you put it in the PS3 section? oh wait i see, you a frikin fanboy and you want your Gears 2 to win?

Mahr4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

According to the site, it's in the PS3 section too.

Sackdude4032d ago

well Resistance 2, is winning :D