Samurai Shodown Gets Western Release Date; Offers Free Season Pass for Early Purchases

Today SNK announced the western release date for PS4 and Xbox One of Samurai Shodown.

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WilliamSheridan703d ago

Now that's how you handle preorders and season passes!

Dizzy11523703d ago

You mean they aren't going to make us grind, buy crystals and a season pass? Wow. So 2000's!
Take note Mortal Kombat. This is how a fighting game is done. From the sexy to the price.

Plus SNK has the greatest characters in fighting games of any company. It's not even close.

fsfsxii703d ago

Mortal kuckbat not make my pp hard reeeeee

Varodor703d ago

Grind Kombat 11 also don't make my pp hard , sorry.

StifflerK703d ago

Wow, this is like a breath of fresh air after MK11, I was going to wait till launch but I'm definitely pre-ordering now.

Imortus_san703d ago

This gen is the worst generation ever for fighting games, fuck that Season pass in fighting games.

Varodor703d ago

You want super Samurai Shodown next year and ultra Samurai Shodown next year and so it go on

Imortus_san703d ago (Edited 703d ago )

There as always been Samurai Showdown before this Season Pass Shit, that's a lame excuse.

PS: The same goes for every other fighter out there, SF5 is the worst of them all they released a beta, and took 1 year to put the arcade mode, not to mention that there are more DLC chars then those that came in the game when it launched for 60 bucks.

Varodor701d ago

> Imortus_san
"a lame excuse?" a lame excuse to what?
You want to buy the same game with new characters and a patch every year?

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