Final Fantasy is dead to me and Persona sits on its grave

It has been a contrasting decade for both Final Fantasy and Persona. While Final Fantasy has lost its charm and pull thanks to the XIII saga and XV, Persona has simply gotten bigger, better, and more popular.

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Teflon02124d ago

The games are way too different objectively for such a statement. Ones a adventure RPG series. The others a life sim/Dungeon crawler RPG. While persona is better imo as of the current releases, if something sat on its grave it needs to be an adventure styled RPG. Persona should only be matched in this case with games alike. Trails of cold steel, Tokyo xanadu, caligua effect overdose and such

Army_of_Darkness123d ago

Both jrpgs still... Final Fantasy died in my eyes the day I played FF13.... Not even one likable character in that series... Well, okay maybe Fang is alright...

Teflon02123d ago

Both JRPG's. But adventure game isn't the same as a Day to day simulator/Dungeon Crawler. They're objectively pulling different crowds. It's like saying Kart racers and driving simulators. They're both Driving games. They both drive but are objectively different types of games. The comments kinda show exactly what I mean. I say this because I started on Golden with no interest in the series outside Vita at the time having no traditional styled adventure rpgs. I said fine I have to play a dungeon crawler. Game didn't fill that gap for me as it was a different type of RPG. But it was definitely better than any adventure RPG I've played. Bet you'd really compare action rpgs like Nier Automata & Horizon Zero Dawn with Persona 5 then? They're all RPGs. That's my point. Not whether you enjoy one series over the other.

chris235123d ago

personally, i am going to still try new final fantasy games. while i will not play another persona game. so...

Soybetaboy123d ago

Never played any Persona game just not my style and most likely won't. FF 4444 life

Pennywise138123d ago

I’ve been wondering if the success of Persona 5 will have an affect on what Final Fantasy 16 will eventually look like. But I’m just in my own corner hoping the next FF is a return to its roots in high fantasy with turn based combat and the ability to summon all the classics.

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