Rockstar Games Acquires "PAYDAY 2" Alumni, Dhruva Interactive

Rockstar Games has purchased and acquired Dhurva Interactive, an Indian art production studio which has credited work on “Sea of Thieves”, “Halo 5”, “Forza Horizon 3” and “PAYDAY 2”

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Prince-Ali448d ago

well this is gonna go to hell.. for a game that already has an annoying problem with it's microstransactions, it is now being bought by a publisher known for its microtransaction shit shows! This is gonna be baddddd!!!! looool

MrSwankSinatra448d ago

You didn't read the article.

Axecution448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

didnt even read the headline properly

boing1448d ago

I've worked with them. That's a very nice purchase.