Final Fantasy VII Remake may not release in 2019

Although Square Enix plans to show off more Final Fantasy VII: Remake at E3 2019, the first chapter of the trilogy may not release in 2019.

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Mystickay8633d ago

I feel Q4 - Maybe between Nov 2019 to January 2020 it'll be released. I do hope they give a potential release date this June. Would get fans real excited.

CaptainOmega33d ago

I’m anticipating a 2020 release date.

ps360owner0931d ago


I believe you are joking but the crazy thing is you might not be far off if you follow Square Enix's recent trends. It took them 10 years to release Final Fantasy 15 and this Final Fantasy 7 Remake started development in 2015. If it follows Final Fantasy 15 expect the first episode to release around 2025. By 2030 they might finally have all of the episodes released. Final Fantasy 16 will also be in the last stages of development smh.

Juusterey31d ago

I don't think on game counts as a trend

ps360owner0930d ago


It took Kingdom Hearts 3 6 years to be released. The Last Remnant skipped it's planned release on PS3 and finally showed up on PS4 after 10 years. I am sure there are other Square Enix jrpgs that took longer than 5 years to release as well. Even if most Square Enix games don't take 10 years I still consider anything greater than 5 years to be too long. That's practically an entire console generation.

derektweed131d ago

I've not seen anyone convincingly argue that it would release in 2019.