Final Fantasy VII Remake's Decision to Drop Its Turn-Based RPG Combat is Sadly Ironic

The much-anticipated remake sacrifices a part of its history.

When Final Fantasy VII first came out out more than 20 years ago, RPGs were still struggling valiantly to break into the American console gaming consciousness. Raised on Super Mario Bros. and arcade games, the majority of western console games rejected RPGs in all their forms. Final Fantasy VII famously broke through that barrier, helping to open the door for all manner of JRPGs.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake would seem to be a tribute to that period. Midgar has been lovingly recreated in all of its Steampunk glory, and Cloud, Aeris, and Barrett look much as they did in the original artwork. By all appearances, it's just the game fans have been begging for all these years.

This is not the game we played back in 1997 though. The classic ATB gauge is gone. It focuses more on setpieces. It looks like... gulp... an action RPG game.

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CaptainOmega9d ago

It could have just done a type of FF13 ATB system and I would have been fine with it. If I want to play running around button mashing action FF id rather play FF15.

TheGamez1009d ago

Id hate it even worse if had anything "ff13" in it....
From the trailers, its looking good so far tbh. I mean yea, Id definitely prefer if they just remade the original ff7s turn based gameplay but this one looks much more like the original ffvs13s 2011 trailer gameplay which is great.

Army_of_Darkness7d ago

If they don't allow us to use all the characters like the original, I'm gonna lose my shit... The episodic thing is already bad enough...

RizBiz7d ago

I hope it has FF13-level voice acting. 🤣

indysurfn7d ago

I agree I'd perfer it be a turn based game.

AnthonyDavis7d ago

Turn Based > Crappy action RPGs.

Games are not good enough yet to be action RPGs.

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PhoenixUp9d ago

FFXIII’s battle system was the CSB and it didn’t allow you to play as anybody other than the party leader

FFVIIR’s battle system will still retain aspects of the ATB, unlike FFXV’s which didn’t at all.

indysurfn7d ago

? huh really? Not fare your pulling my leg!

Lord_Sloth7d ago

Real Time doesn't automatically equate to button mashy.

fr0sty7d ago

Unless you don't know what you are doing and are desperately trying to make something happen.

Lord_Sloth5d ago

^ That doesn't always help and will get you killed in a lot of real time games.

-Foxtrot7d ago

It could have done turn based

Lost Odyssey
Persona 5
Dragon Quest XI

Just a few examples that turn base is still popular today. Just Square being backward again.

indysurfn7d ago

Your being too nice! They are not being backwards they are being CHEAP. In 1998 the new CEO (at the time) said that it cost 4 times more to make a turn based than the same game being action based. This is WHY square started off making action rpg's (dragon slayer 1 and dragon slayer 2) when they was going at of business they released a last game RIGHT before and was saved that game was FF(1). It saved them with sales.

But he said they needed to smooth out sales! In instead of taking 120 people 6 years to make a turn based he was switching over to 50-60 people 2-3 years to make a action rpg. So to me that means CHEAP! Look at the trails of cold steel games that are MUCH bigger than FF turn based games and are starting to make a following.

FF15 sold over 10 million but look how many consoles there where. FFVII sold way more than that with less people owning consoles. So they are just reducing risk and smoothing out sales, and being cheap on investing into each game.

Juusterey7d ago

Making combat you dont want is obviously backwards

indysurfn7d ago

I agree with the overall part of your message. But I'm sure people are pissed about the FF15 reference because of negative feelings on wasting money on that one.

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Runechaz8d ago

Yep FF 7 is now an hack n' slash game…

indysurfn7d ago

People will disagree until it comes out just like they did with FFXV until it came out then they was like ops....yeah I wasted my money!

kayoss7d ago

Down, diagonal, right = Omni Slash
Back (charged), forward = meteor rain
Up, up, down , down, left , right, A, B, select start = extra lives.

pietro12127d ago

If they don't right it doesn't have to be. I.e Nier Automata, Bloodborne, The Soul Franchise

Juusterey7d ago

Don't think you know what a hack n' slash game is

pietro12126d ago

Judging by their remarks it doesn't seem like it.

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shaun mcwayne7d ago

Streets of Final Fantasy. Grand Uppah.

Michiel19897d ago

ahum, Fantasy May Cry of course...
swords and guns

Miss_Vixen7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

In my opinion the last great traditional Final Fantasy game was FFX. The series kind of went downhill after. Subsequent titles just doesn't feel the same anymore.

The visuals looks nice for the Remake, I’m not too keen on the combat though which looks almost identical to FF 15 which I’m not really fond off. The game being episodic doesn't help either.

Call me old school but I actually still prefer the classic turn based combat system when it comes to JRPGs.

chris2357d ago

some say X was already abysmal. i thought it was horrible to follow these protagonists around in X and x-2 ... the last good FF in my opinion was indeed 7.

FalconofLucis987d ago

wow i find you really rare @chris, as for @vixen I agree

RizBiz7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I couldn't agree more, X was awful. Rikku was hot as f*ck and absolutely fappable, but the game was pretty bad.

FalconofLucis987d ago (Edited 7d ago )

X was one of the best, it had a great story, characters, music and combat system like the previous games. All it was missing was a world map. Truly Squaresoft's swan song. Plus, it got 92 on metacritic same as FF6 and FF7 as well as a 9.0 userscore. Its very well received by boths fans and critics. You are just in the minority, not to disregard your opinion. It just has a few amount of haters like you, who are really vocal.

Nade74567d ago

Dunno what you're on about FFX was awesome. The highlight of FF of the PS2 generation. I think it had the one of the best and most emotional stories in all of gaming. I cried at the end of that game.

RedDevils7d ago

Christ is just one of those rare breed

LightofDarkness7d ago

Absolutely agreed. X's story was poorly executed, filled with an unlikable cast and some of the stupidest villains the series has yet seen. VIII was the chilling vision of things to come, unfortunately. VII and IX were great, and XII had some great new ideas (along with an admirable attempt at maturing the tone). But it's been dead for a long time. I want this remake to be good, but I'm not holding my breath.

Nade74567d ago

12 sucked monkey balls. 12 was the death of the franchise with its mediocre story and forgettable characters.

LightofDarkness7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

And you think X's juvenile, plot hole addled groan-fest was better? No accounting for taste, it seems.

X had a great battle system though, I'll give it that.

indysurfn7d ago

If your wondering why all the disagrees there are people that like 8 better so your slapping them in the face. And there are people that liked 9 and 10 too. If you had said 7 was the BEST and not last good you would not have gotten as many disagrees.

Lord_Sloth5d ago

Whether you liked X or not is irrelevant. I cannot abide somebody saying VII was the last good FF game when IX exists!

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NiteX7d ago

FFX is still the only one I ever truly completed. I actually never beat VII myself, just watched friends. Everytime I would go to play VII myself I just felt like I could be doing something better.

PinkNekoFire7d ago

I agree that X was the last traditional feeling FF, but I didn't like it. It was okay as far as JRPGs go, but just sorta there. The english voice acting was terrible (though that's to be expected with most JRPGs and anime), characters were forgettable, super linear gameplay...

indysurfn7d ago

haha I agree even though x was starting to go down hill it it was still good. After X they fell off the hill. Now they are cash cowing off the name of FFVII.

indysurfn7d ago

You should try TRAILS of cold steel. It is becoming more and more like the original final fantasy's. And it's S-crafts are becoming more and more like SUMMON spells, this game has it ALL. Even mechs

pietro12127d ago

Final Fantasy XII and X-2 has the best gameplay of the entire franchise

warmachine927d ago

X-2s gameplay was its redeeming factor

pietro12127d ago

Pretty much. Lol

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BlackDoomAx7d ago

Didn't play XV, won't play this one neither.