Rage 2 is a fun game that makes me feel like garbage

Polygon: “Rage 2 uses my birth defect as a crude shorthand for mutant freak.”

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro160d ago

Is this a joke? Fuck video game journalism. These "journalists" are clowns.

UltraNova160d ago

I dont even know how to respond to this... society has gone to shit.

SamPao160d ago

everytime someone writhes something like you did I feel like you actually believe it :P even though its only ONE dude writing this and a tons of dudes replying in the comments how they think otherwise.

So I think society is fine, its just that these opinion pieces are omnipresent, does not mean we are going to shit

Eidolon160d ago

Yeah. I think most people don't give a fuck what these snowflakes are on about. This is literally a non-problem, instead of writing a winded article about cleft lip, maybe they should put some time into solving real-world problem.

UltraNova160d ago (Edited 160d ago )


Its only ONE dude???Oh please spare me the lecture, these shitty articles pop up on a daily basis these days and they gain more and more followers. All while forgetting its a game with absolutely no hidden agenda against anyone with any disability or otherwise.

Yes, today's society breeds, accepts and promotes these kind of SJW bullshitters like there's no tommorow. And every time someone goes up against them publicly they end up getting eaten alive by the rest of the SJW "progressive" supporters.

So please, give me a frickin break.

SamPao160d ago

you say that yet I have NEVER seen an article like that not getting shit here on N4G.

Dude we had these people already in the 90s its not a new thing.

160d ago
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Acadius160d ago

And this is the guy who co-founded Polygon. This story isn’t going well over on twitter either. A lot of people are being muted or blocked for their civil criticism of the polygon.

sprinterboy160d ago

Polygon, nothing too see here folks

majedx9160d ago

Did you say polygon?
see this 👇👇👇

SyntheticForm160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

No, there's something to see here, and it's absolute, one-hundred percent bullshit. These Polygon people are whackadoo.

I'm sorry this person has a disability, but this is just odd. Extremely odd.

AnubisG160d ago

They aren't journalists.

There are also zero standards for "video game journalism" and zero qualifications needed to become one. Anyone can start a website and start talking about video games.

There should be a system created. There should be websites that get a seal of journalism or something similar and only those websites should be looked at only. The rest should be put on google search page 243345433445. At these places, real journalists could be working only who actually went to school to be a journalist and have a degree in journalism.

Also, they should be teaching journalists to report the facts and facts only without injecting their personal biases because no one cares about their personal likes and dislikes.

TacoTaco159d ago

This is an opinion piece. The guy isn't being inaccurate in his opinion piece.

Now this guy is being attacked. Who's the real bad guy here? The guy writing an *opinion* article about a physical defect, or the people going out of their way to respond to something that doesn't and will never affect them?

(I don't care for the article, but JFC N4G, learn some self-awareness here. Giving this article this much negative attention is exactly WHY these articles are written)

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Sophisticated_Chap160d ago

This is an SJW site, pure and simple. Nothing good ever comes out of polygon.

Leeroyw160d ago

Agreed. This is just an excuse to make an article about you pal. Nobody is making fun of your condition in this game.
I'm sick of people making it out like the world is full of hate when it really isn't.
Look at this site... A little bit of trash talking but it's 90 percent just people who bloody love games.

TxAg11159d ago

"A little bit of trash talking but it's 90 percent just people who bloody love games."

It seems to be 90 percent immature children who pretend their preferred console is superior to the other 2. And they defend their console like their favorite sports team.

KwietStorm159d ago

"I'm sick of people making it out like the world is full of hate when it really isn't.
Look at this site... A little bit of trash talking but it's 90 percent just people who bloody love games."

There's no way you're even half serious.

FunAndGun160d ago

But why do you guys fall for their trap every single time? You guys are so easy to give their stories heat, clicks, and attention. Of course they are going to continue this way when you guys give them exactly what they are looking for. They use you guys and you all happily oblige in a disgruntled way. It's like you guys cant resist or ignore the things you don't agree with, so you give them more attention. Instead of ignoring the crying baby, you give it applesauce. Now you have conditioned the baby to receive applesauce every time they twist your knickers.

TacoTaco160d ago

Based on the comments, Polygon are the baby and N4G are more like toddlers that took the baby's binky.

These idiots keep giving the most attention to these articles. They don't get that not commenting makes it go away quicker.

The author was born with a cleft lip. The enemies are depicted with [extreme] cleft lips. Somehow the author pointing that out is equal to the end of society as we know it.

Araragifeels 160d ago

I can't take this kind of journalism serious. This is the type of journalism that I would blacklist for the industry because they take anything to the heart and get offended. Then the review become very bias.

AnubisG160d ago

This isn't journalism though. It's someone spreading their hate online.

SolidGamerX160d ago

He doesn't really seem hateful just way overly sensitive.

JackBNimble159d ago

I don't get why he's so sensitive, didn't he have his gash stitched up ? 🤣

Fritzwochel160d ago

Ban polygon and their SJW army

BuildTheWall160d ago

The reviewer is probably afraid of porn , thinks it will send them to Hell !!!

FalconofLucis98160d ago

In Tidus laugh HA HA HA HA HA