DSi sells 170,779 units in its first two days

The DSi seemed to have been struggling in its first few hours on the market, with very short lines being reported in some areas. However, some consumers later stated that lines of those waiting to purchase the handheld were exceeding past the 400 mark. Numbers are finally in regarding how well the DSi sold in its first two days, and the results aren't too shabby...

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sinncross4029d ago

thats very good, not surprising though.

nbsmatambo4029d ago

if nintendo wanted to really dominate they would have tried to atleast upgrade the screen resolution and cpu on this thing...

vhero4029d ago

Well DUH ifs somethings not broke DONT FIX IT! they took away a great feature the GBA slot and added features my mobile (cell for all you yanks/canadians) has had for years and does better! and has the cheek to charge more money!!!

ChickeyCantor4029d ago

Nintendo already told in an interview that they know it's not better than todays cameras in mobile phones, but they aren't pushing it like that. More like how Sony would push Eyetoy(knowing that todays PC camera's are better?), it's the software that goes along with it.

vhero4029d ago

thats not the point they are crap features and like i said the DS aint broke so why try to fix it? it still sells millions every month!

ChickeyCantor4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

It's mainly about DLC with this one, and that's a nice feature.
Ds was lacking that.

Now don't tell me that feature is useless.
ALl i hope for is them to be putting GBA games in the online shop.

Making possibilities more realistic is not crap. DLC is a nice addition.

Gorgon4029d ago

"if nintendo wanted to really dominate they would have tried to atleast upgrade the screen resolution and cpu on this thing..."

And in that case it would be a DS2, not a DS, so what would be the point?

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Captain_Sony4029d ago

I guess all those people claiming it wasnt going to sale were wrong. Looking at you

ChickeyCantor4029d ago

Any idiot saying these things won't sell, after thinking the Wii wouldn't sell at all ...well i can't find the words for it but they are idiots alright.

kevnb4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

what do people expect? I bet most of those buyers are just folks who wanted to buy a ds for the first time.

ChickeyCantor4029d ago

The DSI allows DLC, so lots of DS gamers will get it anway.
Now if only they confirm GBA games as DLC.

vhero4029d ago

a lot of gamers wont get it because it dont work with backup carts which a lot of gamers are now using..

Captain_Sony4029d ago

Why are you arguing about it so badly? You probably dont owna DS and dont want a DSi so stop trying to convince everyone that it isnt wanted simply based off of your personal feelings. It outsold the PSP's 4 day numbers in 2 days. I'd say it is a pretty safe bet that someone somewhere wants it. Just deal with it.

ChickeyCantor4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

If they cracked the DS, the DSi will suffer from the same thing.
And saying because they have Backup cards like R4 is a stupid argument since DSi could offer much more when[keyword:When] R4 and whatever work with it.

More and better homebrew is possible thnx to the internal memory, camera and the SD slot. Hell i bet they will use regular cartridges as "keys" to boot homebrew from the SD cards.

You are just mad because they put took away the GBA slot.
Funny thing is Handhelds just sell, Gamers do want this, cause some games will only come out on the DSi[most likely the downloadeble software].

I hardly see the connection between "backup cards" and DSi's selling btw.

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mirroredderorrim4029d ago

Wake me up when that happens in NA.

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