Red Dead Redemption 2 Shipped Over 24 MIllion Units As Take-Two Announces “Strong” Financial Results

Take-Two Interactive Software announced today its financial results for the fiscal year ended on March 31, 2019.

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FallenAngel198411d ago

That’s more than a lot of longrunning franchise’s have done in their lifetime thus far

AnthonyDavis11d ago

Take two stock still dropped after beating expected earnings. Screw you China!

roadkillers11d ago

That's because there is no major exclusives upcomming like RDR or GTA that were announced, so stock investors expect a drop. Entertainment industry looks at what is upcomming to keep momentum or increase sales.

King_Noctis11d ago

Quality single player game sell a ton. Who would have thought?

SharpCT11d ago

Which is irrelevant and only the cherry on top.

King_Noctis11d ago

Which is not the bread and butter of the game. You could have finished the 50+ hours single player story contents without even touching the multiplayer part even once.

PhoenixUp11d ago

@ Sharp

It’s not irrelevant since a lot of people are playing RDO and it’ll unfortunately be another reason why Rockstar as a friggen publisher won’t be putting out another game out anytime soon when they profit so much off of the multiplayer modes of GTAV & RDR2.

@ King

You could also play the multiplayer as and never touch the single player. As much as you may or may not personally use the multiplayer, let’s not pretend it’s a nonfactor.

pietro121211d ago

Nobody picked up Red Dead for it's bare bones multiplayer

PhoenixUp11d ago

@ Piertro

I didn’t say you’d buy RDR2 just for the multiplayer, I said you could play the multiplayer as much as the single player.

TheColbertinator11d ago

Yeah but sold like crazy for the SP.

King_Noctis11d ago (Edited 11d ago )


And how does that make RDR2 any less of a single player game?

Who do you know that bought RDR2 exclusively for its online mode?

PhoenixUp11d ago

@ TheCol

Indeed it did, yet the game still has multiplayer
mode as well as a single player mode.

@ King

The term “single player game” is generally a game that can only be played in single player.

Idk why acknowledging the fact that there’s multiplayer in the game is something so debatable or controversial.

I’m not denying that people bought RDR2 specifically for its campaign, but just because a game has an exceptional single player campaign doesn’t mean it should be referred to exclusively as a single player game when it clearly has a multiplayer mode as well.

WelkinCole10d ago

Games with SP are SP games

Games with only MP are not SP games

Games with SP and MP are also still SP games

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thexmanone11d ago

Its a little boring, but looks good.

Yi-Long11d ago

It's only boring if you can't find ways to entertain yourself in that world. Personally, I enjoy sometimes just going out into that world just to hunt down a legendary animal, or catch a legendary fish, perhaps find some bounties if available, etc etc.

I do feel they could have added far more to the post-game SP experience, like a farm simulator type gameplay, where you can expand your farm, crops, the animals you have, heavy modifications to your farm, like paint, and combine that with a continued stream of missions from friends, the nearby sheriff (bounties), etc etc.

Perhaps not with John, but with your own, custom-made MP character, except in an offline SP mode.

b163o111d ago

It's a lot of boring, but looks good...

sprinterboy11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Only 42% have completed chapter 3, so that's about 11m, great sales of course but disappointing when you go down the trophy list and see the low percentages of chapters completed etc.
I'm personally on chapter 3 and haven't touched it since December, really enjoyed rh eoreviius games and put many hours into them but something just hasn't clicked with this one (game fatigue maybe lately)

EazyC11d ago

This is true of many games. I can't remember the number exactly, but look at the number of people who got to Chapter 3 in Uncharted 4, it's appallingly low. I was looking at God of War's recently - - the same story. I'm always shocked at how little gamers actually play games they buy.

Dark_Knightmare211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

What do you mean GOW had over 50 percent beat it’s story and in today’s market that’s extremely freaking good.

sprinterboy11d ago

Totally agree, even tlou. Shocked also how little gamers complete games. I complete 95% of games personally.
Not sure I'd even be a gamer if I didn't complete games tbh, like I said a few games I don't complete but maybe like 2 or 3 a year out of 20 games

EmperorDalek11d ago

Yeah it is common for games to have low completion rates. I remember a while back that Heavy Rain had an exceptional completion rate, with only 70 something percent of players beating it.

JackBNimble11d ago

But heavy rain also had 7 different endings so part of the fun was to complete them all.

Traecy11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

No shade but I'll never fathom the big hoopla over RDR2,imo the game was a borefest.

EazyC11d ago

The game wasn't made for you - it's like my friends who say the Godfather is shit... It doesn't matter, you just don't like it. Some people love it and you have to get over that.

Elda11d ago

Wasn't made for me either.

chiefJohn11711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

This game has more content than any other open world I've played. Big action gun fights. The most realistic game to date, a living world that never get repetitive and always something new to discover with random events that be as good or better than the story missions. GOTG for me.

SyntheticForm11d ago

"Never" got repetitive?

I disagree, personally. I think it was "repetitive" as all hell, but that's because the repetition was slow, arduous, tedious repetition; not the good kind.

The story was great at some moments, and monumentally stupid at others. That said, I'm glad this game happened but not for the sentiments you expressed, but because it can serve as a cautionary tale.

Moment-to-moment tasks must be a joy, not a chore.

chiefJohn11711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

What was repetitive besides upkeep of food and horse? Which felt natural. side missions, story missions, secret missions, random events, discovery all had plenty variety, never felt tedious or like a chore. The only time I had that " *sigh* moment was in the later chapters were you had to travel far on horse. And when I was rushing the final chapter or 2 due to Spoiler pressure and random event we're popping up that I didn't want to ignore due to fear of missing something good or important.

P_Bomb11d ago

Find a camp, move, find a camp, move, find a camp, move, find a camp, move, find a camp, move, find a camp, move, build a house, die. Money money money, Tahiti Tahiti Tahiti. I liked the game but Jesus Christ!

chiefJohn11711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

??? You move to 3 camps total in the game lol that's too much for you? Money money money? I assume you're talking about Dutch and the story. Ya that was repetitive I guess. But that's the point of the game. Outlaws for doing illegal stuff for money, that's what a gang does. It's the point of GTA and RDR Them talking about their dream retirement location was in the final 2 chapters

P_Bomb10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

3 camps total?!?!?! Don’t “lol” me if you haven’t finished the game or at least made it to Guarma which I’m not even counting as a camp. Even though it had a camp.

Horseshoe Overlook
Clemens Point
Shady Belle
Beaver Hollow
Pronghorn Ranch
The RDR house

Every single one went down. Every one was settled in then left behind except for the last one because he DIES there next game. That ain’t three.

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