Final Fantasy VII Remake Is a Real Game Now, I Guess

The biggest proof to me though that Square Enix will actually ship a product called Final Fantasy VII Remake to store shelves is the company’s surprisingly consistent track record with its huge vaporware JRPG boondoggles that spend years upon years in development Hell. Final Fantasy XIII eventually came out. Final Fantasy XV eventually came out. Kingdom Hearts III eventually came out. Their quality may vary, but they came out. And so with nothing else on its elaborately over-designed Tetsuya Nomura plate, Square Enix will also make sure Final Fantasy VII Remake comes out.

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123d ago
Kurisu123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Final Fantasy VII Remake has basically been teased by Square Enix since 2005. That technical demo for PS3 at E3 hyped the crowd up so much but then came "TECHNICAL DEMO" and dreams went out the window.

Jesus, that's 14 years for basically an announcement of an announcement of an announcement.


AK91123d ago

It’s been real since that teaser at E3 2015 but the episodic model has me worried.

MidnightMay0r123d ago

Agreed can’t believe some people are defending it.

No Way123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Exactly. Just a sneaky way for them to get more money.

* Unless they surprise me and sell them each for $20..

rainslacker123d ago is a real gaming site now...i guess