NXE Loading problem Dead Rising?

Gamemakerman50 writes:

Tried to take some more comparison times with HDD and DVD games, actually came over a place where the HDD was much slower then the DVD. First sign of potential problems playing from HDD?

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Pennywise4031d ago

Lets all hold hands and say together: All systems and software have problems.

Mr_Bun4031d ago

Where's the fun in that?

GrieverSoul4031d ago

@1.1 I agree, lets bash the 360 NXE HDD load failure!

X360 Epic fail!!! XD

/Sits and awaits for a PS3 fiasco to wright something stupid about/

TrevorPhillips4031d ago

yea and hope that they will fix it by the time it releases

TrevorPhillips4031d ago

lets just hope they will figure something out by the time the new dashboard update releases

vhero4031d ago

Yeah i think an update will fix this or if not its just a minor problem with a few games hard drive was never gonna be the perfect fix for earlier games as they were never made to run from a hard drive! you gotta remember that! later games may be optimized for dumping to HDD.. not for about a year though at least as games currently in development would be too late in dev to be changed to add changes a bit like why ps3 games are only just getting trophy support even though its been out nearly a year.

You people think something will come out and be perfect from day 1 you really don't learn do ya?

TrevorPhillips4031d ago

i just have one problem with the nxe, the people with the 20gig hd bundle install the games onto the HD wont there be a problem there i mean then they have to buy another 120gigs to install all of there games or some of the games

darkbladez4031d ago

no they wont half to get 120 gigs because you don't half to install your games if you don't want to

LONEWOLF2314031d ago

ummm.......i see the HDD loading the game much faster.......

UltimateIdiot9114031d ago

Yeah, I don't exactly see where the problem is.

ActionBastard4031d ago

When he goes out of the mall and confronts the convicts in the car it loads a lil over 5 seconds from the DVD. It takes a lil over 18 seconds off the HDD.

GrieverSoul4031d ago

@2 and @2.1

Why dont u watch the video till the end before making comments?!
Remember, its better they think you are dumb and be quiet than wright something and clear the ´´He is DUMB?`` doubt!

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The story is too old to be commented.