Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories official NA site opens

KHinsider writes:

Square Enix North America has opened the official website of Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories!

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robotnik5206d ago

I hope this game makes it to Europe, I want it so bad.

Ngai5206d ago (Edited 5206d ago )

Yea for real.. its the only reason my ps2 is modded.. so i can play these god damn games when they release. They never get to or too late to Europe. So damn annoying. Glad the ps3 has less of this problem. Deffinetly looking forward to playing this game. Finally!!

Menchi5206d ago

Yeaa =[ I really want it too

Have a feeling we won't see it though, because we EU's don't want it, or so SE seems to think O_o

Kingshadowhigh5206d ago

Is it going to be capable for PS3?

robotnik5205d ago

yeah I guess, if your PS3 is backward compatible.

Nintendoslave995205d ago

Marluxia looketh like a gurl