Game Focus: Fable II Review

Game Focus writes: "People love Role-Playing Games for a number of reason, the story, the rich history, the chance to play hero. Fable II touches on all of these as well but the difference here, is that the developers have left how the story is told, up to you. So, "What kind of hero will you be?" Think carefully because the choices you make determine how your actions will affect the rest of the world and how that world perceives you."


+ Stunningly beautiful
+ Choices made within the game affects your world
+ Lots of unique quests with no shortage of things to do outside of adventuring
+ Dog is truly "Man's Best Friend"
+ World is easy to explore with lots of hidden treasures
+ Fun and humorous expressions to interact with others
+ Multiplayer lets you see affects of different choices
+ Earn coin through jobs and owning businesses
+ Engaging Combat system


- Little story
- Morality choices are unbalanced
- Dog often get's stuck rendering him useless
- Multiplayer means friends can force themselves into your game
- Coin is earned while offline too but makes the challenge of earning coin extremely easy
- Death carries little consequence

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