LittleBigWorkshop Site is now Online!

PSLS is giving a quick heads up that the new LittleBigPlanet portal dubbed "LittleBigWorkshop" (that was announced a couple weeks back) is now live. PSLS indicates that the LittleBigPlanet News site has been moved and is now a sub-compartment of this site.

The site includes...

PLAY Section:
- Game Info – Want to know what LittleBigPlanet is all about? Missed some of the LBP trailers? How about exclusive artwork and screens from Mm? You will find it all within the Game Info page.
- LittleBigNews – LittleBigChallenges? User generated level spotlights? Developer news? Get daily updates of LittleBigPlanet from the official News page.
- LittleBigForums – a bulletin board system made for the ultimate LBP user. Create your own thread, subjects or groups and take part with the LBP community
- Sticker Room – Make your own wallpaper or artwork by using a set of in-game LBP stickers, architecture and decorations.

CREATE Section:
- Blueprint Room - Use the blueprint creator to design a plan with your own imagination and download it to your desktop. Print it as a guide for your LBP creation, or post it to have others rate it.
- Workshop Room – A place to learn and educate others on all things in LittleBigPlanet. Upload your own LBP videos or photos and provide detailed information on how the object / level were built.
- Inspiration Room - Want to inspire others to create something in LittleBigPlanet? A SackBot or Spaceship? Use the inspiration room to upload your own images or blueprints.

SHARE Section:
- PSN Registration – Want to contribute by creating your own blueprint, workshop or inspiration? Sign-in using your PSN registration to create your own LBP profile and participate.
- Video Upload – Create your own video in LBP and show it off on LittleBigWorkshop. Get the most amounts of views and get placed in the "Most Popular" category.
- Image Upload – Upload your own image or blueprint within the Inspiration Room and get others to create.
- Comment – Love it or hate it, this is your chance to give your input on everyone's creations and inspirations.


Officially announced on the News Section:!.aspx

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StalkingSilence5137d ago

It doesn't work for me (old browser installed), but I wish I could see what all is on the rest of the site. Supposed to be pretty cool.

StalkingSilence5137d ago

Even though I can't see the site, I went and found an old blog post from MM explaining what's going to be on the site - and updated the N4G article and the PSLS article. I'm not sure if all those things are currently live or not, someone will have to let me know.

Pain5137d ago

Little Big Planet "how to make stuff for Dummy's Vids lol

darkwing5137d ago

the site is live, and it uses your PSN id ^^

StalkingSilence5137d ago

that's what I was reporting. i wrote the article on PSLS.
"PSN Registration – Want to contribute by creating your own blueprint, workshop or inspiration?"

But my question is - are all of the features listed above LIVE? that is, is the site fully-functional yet? Or are only some of the sections available?

PotNoodle5137d ago

So there is a video recorder in LBP now?

StalkingSilence5137d ago

"Video Upload – Create your own video in LBP and show it off on LittleBigWorkshop. Get the most amounts of views and get placed in the "Most Popular" category."

Good call - I think it will be coming soon in the form of a patch. Who knows - Maybe that's what today's SCEE PSN maintenance will implement?

PotNoodle5137d ago

On the "Workshop" part of the site, it seems people have already got videos on there under their PSN name.

StalkingSilence5137d ago

I can't access the site at work (just spreading the good news on gaming sites). I'm so jealous.

I'm curious if those are developers running a different LBP client or if they are people who have just linked pre-existing YouTube videos. I'd imagine LBP will upload directly to YouTube like some other games, so maybe you can set up a link to your account without in-game uploads yet.

Grimlock5137d ago

A place where little F^GS and Gays can get together and play Little Big Dollhouse..

F^GBOY 1: " OOH!! Ill trade u this STICKER for your super uber cool STICKER!! "

F^GBOY 2: " Yes, but youll have to throw in that super peniss you made"

F^GBOY 1: " DEAL!!"


StalkingSilence5137d ago

That's pretty offensive. I'd appreciate if you didn't comment on stories I submit in the future.

goflyakite5137d ago

In the future grim, could you please keep your sexual fantasies to your self.