Opinion: How Nintendo should offer Switch “Basic” and “Pro”

Eggplante offers up an opinion as to how Nintendo should release the Switch Basic and Switch Pro this year, with some interesting hardware changes and a way to get the console easily below $199.

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Eonjay41d ago

I would be more than willing to grab a $199 Switch. It would be cool if they let you buy the dock separately. The only thing I would really want to see from them is better battery life and expanded storeage. It looks like the Tegra X2 is a better, cheaper tech that will increase battery life. It seems like a no brainier to wait and see what they do. There is simply no way that all the rumors aren't pointing to something. Even a 250GB drive would increase my interest in the device 10 fold.

ifinitygamer41d ago

Even if it doesn't have a huge built-in drive, microSD prices are so low, I'd rather have more power and better battery life, and I'd just spend the $30 on a 200GB card

Sono42140d ago

I still don't want the thing for another year or two, if at all. I think the Switch in terms of power and design is fine, its their horrific online that needs improvement asap, why release a new 2019/2020 version that's still using online on par to 2001?

septemberindecember41d ago

A 250GB drive would increase the cost by around $200-300. Personally, instead of increasing the internal storage Nintendo could just include an SD card. It wouldn’t be 250GB, but I could see it being 32-64GB.

ifinitygamer41d ago

There is no reason 256GB internal storage would be anything more than $50-60, especially considering Nintendo is paying for it at massive bulk quantities. If a 256GB microSD card is $50, that’s the top end of what it would cost for just the flash chip, minus any packaging, etc.

septemberindecember41d ago


Internal storage is just about always more expensive than SD cards for the same capacity. That’s because they are eMMC.

meep31641d ago

many devices have a non removable sd card inside, just like how some consoles have non removable hard drives.

jgilbert1141d ago

I would be all over a Basic model

Evil-Gouki41d ago

Attached joycons, no dock handheld @199 the standard current machine (phase out over time)@249 and the pro with larger screen displaying 1080 (portable) using the newer chipset @299

Bane3541d ago (Edited 41d ago )

From 4gb ram to 8gb ram sounds ok for the switch but i dont see nintendo doing that probably be around 6gb ram for Nintendo switch pro

meep31641d ago

you're basing your assumptions on what?

Bane3541d ago

Giving my opinion just like the person who made this article

meep31641d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Nintendo isnt going to start listening to random bloggers, if they did they would have never made the switch in the first place.

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The story is too old to be commented.