wonderwallweb review Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Quote from site:

"Motorstorm Pacific Rift takes the original game and improves it in all of the areas where improvement was needed, it provides new environments, split-screen offline racing and tweaks the driving experience slightly to give the vehicles a better balance. Anyone who loved the original will love this, no doubt."

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Dragunov4033d ago

Fair review, this game is the best arcade racer along with burnout

anh_duong4033d ago

0.1 for story?? shouldn't it be N/A? and 8.0 for lastability?? driving games tend to have more lastability than most - especially if it has 4 player split creen and online.

if you ignore story and the silly low lastability score then the average should be at least 9.0

but who cares 8.7 is a good score.

just pointing out the dumb scoring that's all.