The harrowing RPG “The Executioner” is coming to Steam on July 17th

Lesser Evil Games today announce that the first chapter of their dark RPG The Executioner, which thrusts players into the shoes of a torturer, will be released via Steam on July 17th.

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Jackhass12d ago

Seems interesting. I like a good dark RPG.

CorndogBurglar12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I'm torn. Part of me does think it sounds interesting. The other part just thinks this is a bit deranged lol.

The fact that it's mostly text-based is a bit of a turn off....

TGG_overlord12d ago

It's a great gamble with no doubt. Nevertheless, I'll give it a fair chance.

TGG_overlord11d ago

That's also the reason why I'm playing old-school "Diablo" atm.