IncGamers: X3 Terran Conflict

IncGamers' Peter Parrish looks at Deep Silver's new free form space opera. Can this latest title overcome the glitch problems of its predecessors?

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Leord4026d ago

"Terran"? Like in StarCraft? ;)

thetamer4026d ago

No no no, not like that at all, but like this, and not like that, this is not like that and that is not like this, but this is not what kind of that which we like to not like.

Got that?

Dorjan4026d ago

Terran: of, or relating to, the planet Earth (as in "Terra Firma").

bumnut4026d ago

previous x games were too complicated for me.

i prefer dark star one. i know its not as in depth but i find it more fun

karlostomy4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

the game is STUPIDLY hard to get into.

I had to download several player guides from forums and spend hours just getting to grips with the basic trading model/exploration.

That said, once you have found your feet and started automatic trading runs, the fun factor increases exponentially until it becomes frighteningly addictive.

Get this game if you can see yourself putting the time in to 'learn it'
Otherwise, you'll just hate it

Also, make sure you have top notch hardware. Loading times were a pain and on my old clunky pc it sometimes ran like a slideshow.