What Makes A Good Remake?

Technology keeps improving and some games might benefit more than others, but is that all?

In 2019 so far, games have already gotten the Resident Evil 2 remake and they just got a new trailer for the years-missing Final Fantasy VII remake, plus a MediEvil remake coming this October. Within the last few years, we've gotten remakes for Japan-only Fire Emblem games, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Majora's Mask, Pokemon Yellow, and more. Some of these games changed more than others, some of these were total overhauls.

What's a good example of a game that did it right?

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Pedantic91527d ago (Edited 527d ago )

Having fun when i play it. That's about it.
Cause' you know, it's a video game.

The voice or the looks not being perfect is something only a die hard fan would care about.

SE should focus on what they want to do and allow Nomura to actually finish a project before pulling him away for another project.

PhoenixUp526d ago

When it’s equal to or greater than playing the original game