Resistance 2: 33 New Screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment America has released 33 new screenshots of Resistance 2 for PlayStation 3.

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Quisp4027d ago

I didnt get Resistance 1 because my set doesnt do 720p, only 1080i. When its not a PS3 exclusive, Ive always HAD to go 360 version because of that. I guess Im gonna have to miss out on Resistance 2 :(

olivia4027d ago

oh you again you are indeed blind
- mmmm ya your sick in your head,i'll call sony
- ok you've fell and hit your head wait i'll call medic(no wait sony ps3 will help far better)
here's the verdict you suffer from ps3xbotitis it a rare decease were you lose eye site and the will to think on your own so suck Microsoft balls for well needed nurisment.but i got some bad news,Microsoft brainwash as left you dumb as a rusty nail. But wait if sony can fix your problem for not 3,not 2,but 1 easy payment 399.99.remember all medication offer comes with minor side-a-fec,if decease gets worst call Sony right away for a 10 year warranty,unlike the buy with cation warranty like the other Microsoft offers.if you follow these methods i garantee you will be like no other

Bots Of A Feather Fl4027d ago

Only the Playstation 3 can produce such amazing graphics