Ex-Naughty Dog Devs Helping Extensively with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4

According to a comment made during a live stream, ex-Naughty Dog developers are assisting heavily with Modern Warfare 4's campaign.

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Jin_Sakai12d ago

Great to hear. They also worked on Infinity Warfare which had a great campaign. It was the MP that was garbage.

TheColbertinator12d ago

Thought the same too. Campaign was awesome and the space dogfights shook up the pace really well.

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Zjet12d ago

Finally someone who recognizes that it had a great campaign.

SyntheticForm12d ago

Really? The campaign was good? Now I'll have to try it. I wrote it off as trash.

KickSpinFilter12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

IW MP, I played like two matches, while in WWII I've got like a total of a whole month playing MP. LOL

W4rfight3r11d ago

The campaign made me cry D:
It was awesomeee
The MP was fun o:
Atleast on my console

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JayF12d ago

For what? A 2-hour single-player campaign with an incredibly small-mapped multiplayer full of lootboxes? YAY!

Jin_Sakai12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

What are you talking about?

Infinity Warfare campaign was about 7 hours long. Modern Warfare 4 will likely be around the same.

Aside from Ex-Naughty Dog devs they also have OG Infinity Ward devs that made the first two games working on Modern Warfare 4.

UltraNova12d ago


From a Zero hours campaign (last year's COD) do you really believe they'll do a complete 180 and give us a 7hrs one?

Jin_Sakai12d ago


I’m not saying they will. All one can do is hope. If not then I won’t be purchasing the game just as I didn’t Black Ops 4.

L7CHAPEL12d ago

Sorry, but I have to be that guy:

it's not "infinity Warfare"
there's "infinite Warfare",the Game.
and then there's "Infinity Ward", which is the developer, of infinite Warfare and the new Modern Warfare, #4.
just had to say it, sorry 😉

PhantomS4212d ago

Didn't they use that PR spin to pretend a previous call of duty was going to have the best story ever and it still sucked? This means nothing.

Iamnothuman1212d ago

I'd be more than happy paying a decent price for the campaign completely separate from anything online/multiplayer.

sander970212d ago

I would even pay full price for just the campaign because that is what I have done since MW2 anyways.

itsRehabTime12d ago

Sure I heard this news three years ago. Wasn't it Taylor Kurosaki?

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