Cliffy B's Secrets to Game Design

In an interview with Gameplayer, Cliffy B (the lead designer) has revealed his secrets to game design, and how he made Gears of War 2 so awesome. A snippet below...

"We have a very simple map that we call Stonehenge which is basically two colours and a bunch of blocks. Every day I would fire up that map and work out where I can tweak the camera to make it more fun and ask 'how can we adjust the rumble? How can we make getting to the cover more gratifying?' and such."

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meepmoopmeep4026d ago

find much ass and make it bad


Killjoy30004026d ago

What exactly is his secret? Looking to copy off RE4 for all future projects? Ok. Since when was this guy god of innovation?

pp4026d ago

Cliffy B has revealed his secrets to game design, and how he made Gears of War 2 so awesome. I hope Insomniac game creators of Resistance 2 are taking note and just maybe Resistance 3 want be a FLOP like Resiatance 2.

gambare4026d ago

lol PP you make the day of everyone. I thought I had a bad day with my stupid boss spitting bullcrap and then I read your comment, it made me love my boss.

CliffyBee4026d ago

I pay pp (my rent boy) to say things like that. Thanks pp!

Learn how I tried to copy MGS4, and how i only wish i was one tenth as brilliant as Hideo Kojima!

GeOW3 will be a flop - N4G EXCLUSIVE FROM THE MAKER - ME! XD

GaintEnemyGrandma4026d ago

What secret..? Granny going to spank that ass!


Fishy Fingers4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Oh clicked on this to actually get some info on how Cliffy goes about game design. Sadly no...

Headline is actually : Cliff Bleszinski Tells All and the caption is taken from a random spot. It's mostly just a Gears 2 interview, not the "secrets of game design" I was looking for.

deividpaulo4026d ago

Mr need to lear with Kojima how to do a real game!!

battle inside of giant worm is a joke!!!

Lich1204026d ago

Really, thanks for the spoiler. Despite what you feel some of us really like the games epic / Cliff work to make (and are trying not to have Gears 2 ruined for us). While Kojima is a great designer, saying that Cliff doesn't know how to make a good game is just your icon speaking. Im not a 360 fanboy, I've liked epic's games because of the PC games they make for a long time. Sure they don't have the depth of Kojima's games but they all play very very well, ie. they're fun.

likedamaster4026d ago

Kojima is a Producer/Director, he is not a "Designer" like Cliff. Sorry, but Cliff's been making games for a very long time and has mastered his craft. Cliff doesn't need advice from a Japanese "director" on how to fit long cutscenes in a game, and how to produce boring dialogue. Cliff doesn't need "teaching" from someone who produces games to end up being "passive entertainment". Cliff makes gritty, hardcore games for the masses who want to play sexy hardcore and "relevant" shooters. At the same time, I was hoping Cliff said more about the "secrets" of designing games.

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The story is too old to be commented.