Gearbox Co-Founder Says He Witnessed Randy Pitchford ‘Shove’ Claptrap Voice Actor, David Eddings

Gearbox co-founder, Landon Montgomery, has spoken up about David Eddings' Randy Pitchford allegations.

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Spurg767d ago

As much as is despise Randy Pitchford.... It's innocent until proven guilty

TekoIie767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

I completely agree with what you're saying but if I'm reading this correctly Randy agreed to apologise as part of a deal to Eddings in return for him to show up to a fan event. I may have misinterpreted but you dont apologise for things you havent done.

767d ago
Elwenil767d ago

There sure are a lot of new accounts posting in all these Pitchford and Epic articles...

767d ago
TekoIie767d ago (Edited 767d ago )


Then why apologise if it's completely false? If Randy was completely blameless he would've said something by now. Based off Randy's Twitter history hes never been shy to retaliating to claims against him or his company so why the silence on this issue? Worth adding that "shoving" is a very vague term and didn't really tell us much.

"Tekolie shoved me, so obviously its true."

Prove it.

ShinRon767d ago

not 100% accurate tho it prolly does ring true here

abstractel767d ago


“We think it’s a shame that the 400+ employees here who have poured the love and passion into Borderlands 3 are having their work be diluted by personal allegations,” said the studio.

Maybe he should have thought about his employees when he decided to assault another person both physically and verbally.

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Larrysweet767d ago

if that was true ud not get locked up till trail thats biggest lie in america ur guilty till proven innocent period

VTKC766d ago

but the voice actor isnt a woman.

rainslacker767d ago

I'm wondering why this is news anymore. It happened a while ago. The guy didn't want to do the voice again, or they couldn't come to an agreement for some reason. It's fine to say that, but then they've been going on about how Pritchford is a dick. Everyone already knew that, so I'm wondering why this whole thing is going on to drag him more through the mud.

I don't condone anything he allegedly did, but at this point, if they have a problem with it, press charges. Assault is considered a felony, and most states don't have a statute of limitation on felonies....although a simple assault like this might have a 7 year statute of limitation.

rdgneoz3767d ago

It's new because he stated he would have voiced Claptrap if he got an apology for the assault and residuals for his previous work. He got neither. This article is confirming that the assault did happen and wasn't just he said he said. Not enough to warrant charges, but enough to want an apology for it.

Pickledpepper766d ago

I liked the old ways, go outside, sort it out man to man then when one of you have had enough go back in the pub shake hands and buy each other a beer.
That's how we used to sort it out.
Some of the blokes I've had fights with are my best mates now lol.

Rhythmattic766d ago (Edited 766d ago )



rainslacker766d ago

OK. But, at what point do the details matter? It's more like they're just trying to seem like one is right over the other, or the other doesn't care. I don't see the point in elaborating over what is pretty much a non-issue in the grand scheme of things, and if there really is something more there, then there are other remedies that can be approached other than dragging Pritchford through the mud.

I have no problem with Pritchford being made to look bad, because I feel he's a twat and highly unethical after the whole Aliens thing, but at the same time there comes a point where it just needs to be let go, because as it is, it's just him being tried in the court of public opinion.

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Cobra951767d ago

I said that "assault" might just be a shove, in my last post on this subject. Didn't think I'd nail it. That was just luck. So, really, a tempest in a teapot, as I suspected, because of where it happened (a hotel lobby). Grow a pair, Eddings.

Sciurus_vulgaris767d ago

Shoving someone can be considered assault. To me Pitchford shoving Edding, to me this looks like an assertion of power. Pitchford is a multi-millionaire with the influential power and privileges that come from being the CEO of fairly large game studio. Pitchford was probably bullying Edding.

TekoIie767d ago

Yeah the real issue isn't so much the physical altercation but rather the abuse of power.

BrettAwesome766d ago (Edited 766d ago )

I see it as a loss of control. I think Pitchford simply has anger issues, and is an emotionally immature man bitch who can't handle opposition. Assertion of power? Maybe. But on a very childish level. He's a cringy dork.

Parasyte766d ago

Don't forget, Pitchford also has an ego the size of North America.

Sirk7x767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

No, you don't shove someone unless you're trying to instigate a physical confrontation, hurt or intimidate. Imagine if your boss shoved you, which Pitchford was here, and you know you'd lose your job if you did anything back. That's a lawsuit situation right there.

Cobra951766d ago

Yep. It's also no big deal. Real assault can leave someone seriously injured, or even slowly dying. This is nothing in comparison.

Wolffenblitz766d ago


... You don't have to be seriously injured or slowly dying to have it classed as assault. If you get punched in the face... that's assault right? That doesn't leave you seriously injured or "eVen SloWly DyIng"

Fluttershy77767d ago

Sorry but you can't "shove" your employees (is not "just a shove" as you put it). If your boss shoved you, you wouldn't like it...
Also, if it happened, it was done from a position of Power: Boss / Employee, because he is in a position of firing you, and then you are not in a position of paying your bills... you are not a the same level.
I hate all this pricks that just because they have more money or a position of power think that they can do whatever they want

DaDrunkenJester767d ago

Haven't they been long time friends for like 20 years and Randy helped him take a loan out to buy a house and a whole bunch of other shit? What's a shove between buddies, huh? Haha

Cobra951766d ago

Never said it was right or justified. My point is that calling an angry shove "assault" is like calling a smile "sexual harassment". What actually happened gets blown out of proportion.

rainslacker767d ago

From Google

"An assault is the act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact upon a person or, in some specific legal definitions, a threat or attempt to commit such an action. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal and/or civil liability."

Technically, just touching someone is assault. However, intent plays a big part of it, so tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention wouldn't land you in jail. Pushing someone is an aggressive act, so the intent clearly defines assault.

Cobra951766d ago

"Technically, just touching someone is assault."

Pretty much illustrates my point. Randy placing his hand on Edding's chest to firmly prevent closer proximity might be "assault". So saying "Randy assaulted me!" is practically meaningless, but carries the implication that Randy is a brutal thug. That's why I wanted to know the details, and surmised that it was probably only a shove, given that it happened in a public venue, and Pitchford is not about to destroy his life and career by beating the crap out of Eddings in public view.

rainslacker766d ago

According to the report, there was more to it than that. Like I said, it's about intent, and if pritchford shoved him to keep him away, that wouldn't be considered assault. That'd be more along the lines of self defense. But, the wet willy, even if after a self defense thing, is assault itself.

My original comment was a general legal definition, but in this particular instance it probably could be considered assault without other extenuating circumstances.

ShadowWolf712767d ago

He shoved an employee hard enough to leave bruises on his ribcage just because he told him a rumor he'd heard and wouldn't say who told him.

That's not "just a shove".

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So he shoved another man big deal. Go out side catch that fade and get back to work. My god when did men stop being men?

Rachel_Alucard767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

You're defending a guy who gives wet willies and acts like a teenager at age 48. Eddings didn't talk about this event until Randy triggered it with his man child attitude and behavior. He did exactly what you said.

SPEAKxTHExTRUTH767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

I’m not defending anyone as I do not know him however I know how a man should act. If someone pushes me weather it’s at work or not we are going to get down plain and simple. I have no problem squashing the beef afterward but what I won’t do is go file some kind of charges or act like a wimp about it. Call it what you want but that’s how I would handle it.

AdmGenAladeen767d ago

You're right, kind of. Shoving a stranger is one thing but shoving an employee is totally different. One results in a bar fight and you shake hands afterwards. The other results in a fight, termination of lower employee followed by a wrongful termination/harassment lawsuit.

767d ago
SPEAKxTHExTRUTH767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

Not always. There are ways to settle it with a one on one fight without people losing their jobs. A simple meet me “here” after work does wonders. And the same could happen fighting a stranger. You could be jailed for assault and possibly lose your job. Bottom line is always handle your biz like a man and you will always come out on top.

DaDrunkenJester767d ago

I feel like you've never been in a real "bar fight". No one just gets up and shakes hands and goes about their way...

sinspirit767d ago (Edited 767d ago )


That's a perfect world you're asking for. It should be documented because behavioral patterns are important in a work environment. Just trying to settle it 1 on 1 with a leadership positioned person doesn't stop the behaviors towards other people, and the person is talking of someone else being shoved to begin with. He should settle confrontation between two other people by getting in the middle of it when he isn't qualified for counseling in a work environment where legal proceedings can be had? He should have addressed it professionally. But, not by trying to get all buddy buddy.

AdmGenAladeen766d ago


Depends on when you grew up. Idiots nowadays don't do that anymore. I grew up in a time when you let your hands do the talking not a gun. No matter what kind of fight it was I always tried to shake the other guys hand. It's a sign of respect and no ill will. That's just how I was raised.

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ChristopherJack766d ago

When they got sick of cunts like you thinking that tolerating others' bullshit makes you a 'man'.

Cobra951766d ago

I don't know, man. The reactions here surprised me too. Geezus, if I filed assault charges against everyone who had less-than-invited physical contact with me over my lifetime, I'd have a court-testimony backlog the length of my arm.


Honestly I’m not surprised by all these people here who would rather file charges than get their hands dirty. I grew up rough so fighting is just a way of life for me. I’m not saying go around bullying people but when a man lays his hands on me then I hope he brought a lunch. These people in here disagreeing have most likely ran or never had a fight in their life so I guess calling the cops or filing charges is what they do. Some kind of men you all are smh...

Sirk7x766d ago

Punch your millionaire boss, see how well that works out for you lol. No job for one, then he most certainly can afford better lawyers. If you have a wife/kids/mortgage? After you get out of jail and sued, man could have found himself homeless. Hitting someone at a bar isn't the same as fighting back against a CEO of a company. You have to be prepared to lose everything to defend yourself in that situation.


I couldn’t careless how rich he was. If he touches me we getting down plain and simple. I swear y’all some weak men. And he’s the rich one so he has more to lose by touching me than I have for touching him back.

antz1104766d ago

Lol that doesn't happen outside of Clint Eastwood movies, especially in an office job.

Sirk7x766d ago (Edited 766d ago )

I grew up in a poor neighborhood too, lots of drugs and shitty people. I can understand wanting to keep your pride, but that life is different from a corporate environment. These are places where cops escort you out and don't let you leave the building alone when you get fired. That CEO has the money to get lawyers to ruin your whole life. If you're only worried about your own pride, that's fine, but what if you have a wife and kid at home to feed? "Sorry babe, going to jail for awhile, good luck paying the bills." Ever been to jail? I have, and it sucks lol. Make the smarter choice in a situation. What if you hit someone and they died? I saw it happen at a party one time. Kid got hit once, hit the floor and died. Other dude got charged with murder, now he's in jail for the rest of his life. His girl was pregnant at the time too. I'm older now, and would only fight to protect myself and people I love. Maybe you think real men should all work tough guy jobs and fight each other, but then we wouldn't have computers and software lol

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Smokehouse767d ago

I like how all these stories are trying to portray Pitchford as some tough guy bully. Like everyone doesn’t already know who he is lol. Urkel is bullying me! Shove him back, lay him out or get over it. I’m so sick of these anonymous stories from “game journalism” detailing their “horrific” events like it’s not everyday workplace bullshit.

Razmiran767d ago

Yeah, shove your boss back
See if you dont get fired at the spot

Smokehouse767d ago

Yup. And the settlement that follows soon after. You don’t think companies are sued for less every single day?

767d ago
Shinkus767d ago

I've had my boss push me and I've pushed back. It's just a jokey thing to do, and we laugh it off. I feel like everyone posting on here has only ever had these made for TV bosses who are serious 100% of the time. All but 1 of my former bosses I've had a friendly relationship with where we could joke about anything and there wasn't this sense of dread because we worked together. This is completely blown out of proportion.

Pickledpepper766d ago

My old boss used to talk down and belittle his employees in front of all his arse kisser's thinking it was funny, not one of the arse kisser's pick him up from the floor after I blacked his eye.
Walked straight into another job the following week.


You are clearly a weak man. Your more afraid of a lawsuit or losing your job for defending yourself after he assaulted you first? God I hope you never get a wife and she comes home and tells you some guy disrespected her. You’ll be in the phone with the cops instead of going to break that guys jaw smh...

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rainslacker767d ago

Every day workplace BS? Not once have I ever shoved, or been shoved, by one of my employees, or as an employee at any place I have ever worked. If I had, I would have likely been promptly fired in most cases. If I had been, I'd have likely either quit, or followed through to prevent the person from doing it again.

I understand that tensions can be heated at times, and may consider the circumstances, but there is still no excuse, and apparently, the guy being assaulted wasn't pleased about it.

Smokehouse767d ago (Edited 767d ago )

I wasn’t talking about this one specifically about the everyday workplace bs although it does happen everyday somewhere lol. I just jumbled all these stupid ass stories together. The controversy journalism, assholes trying to be culture reporters. Just show the damn games lol. I was talking about the anonymous ones like the NRS employee crying to kotaku about their gruesome dreams from working on Mortal Kombat. That’s your f***** job lmao!

This particular case isn’t anonymous. It’s a voice actor that made an allegation and a witness that can corroborate at least half of the story. I have seen my old boss grab somebody by the collar when he was pissed. If that was me he would have been dropped. I wouldn’t be worried about it either because we have cameras and he placed hands. It’s financially sound to keep me around instead of firing me. Honestly, I’d probably quit and sue anyway. Right after I hit him hard enough to think twice next time.

Npugz7767d ago

I’ve always thought Randy Pitchford was a piece of shit!

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