The E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule

It is nearly time for E3, the annual convention where companies from around the world unite to show trailers for video games that don’t actually exist yet. Are you ready? I’m ready.

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yellowgerbil868d ago

First year I'm not requesting it off at work. Sony ain't there, Bethesda broke bad, not much else worth it

NarutoFox868d ago

Not interested in E3 this year but I might check out the PC press conference and Nintendo Direct

thatguyhayat868d ago

Yeah my thoughts exactly. First time in 6 years I wont be taking off either

monkey602868d ago

I haven't booked the following day off work so I can stay up all night watching it either. First time in about a decade. I'll just watch MS the next day and the Nintendo Direct. Not staying up all night for it

Zjet868d ago

You are forgetting these conferences

PC gaming show
Devolver Digital
Limited Run Games
Kinda Funny Showcase

BadElf868d ago

Limited Run will be there? Nice

gangsta_red868d ago

It's going to be an exciting E3 this year. Lucky I have the day off. MS is definitely going to have some more surprises for this year.

Kaedro868d ago

lol how much is MS paying you for this image control?

King_Noctis868d ago

What he said isn’t exactly wrong. MS will definitely have alot to show for this E3.

gangsta_red868d ago

About as much as Sony is paying you for damage.

King_Noctis868d ago

Very excited for this year. We’ll see alot of game and MS is the wild card here.

franwex868d ago

Oh hey, the author of this article wrote that book about game development. It’s actually a really good read! I read a chapter each night before bed!

Anyway I want some nex gen info from Microsoft and am curious about either Starfield or Elder Scrolls.

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The story is too old to be commented.