U.S. adults are spending big on video games, playing mostly on smartphones

The average American video gamer is 33 years old, prefers to play on their smartphone and is spending big on content — 20 percent more than a year ago and 85 percent more than in 2015, a report showed on Thursday.

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Jin_Sakai869d ago

Disgusting. Can’t stand mobile gaming. Nintendo Switch being an exception.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro869d ago

Why though? There are plenty of good games on mobile, and more are constantly being ported there.

Elwenil868d ago

Please enlighten me to a "good" game on mobile. And by "good", I mean something that doesn't drown me in ads, constantly flash little exclamation points on icons to try and get me to buy something, pause the gameplay in order to watch an ad or video or hold the game hostage by trickling out "lives", plays or otherwise obstructing gameplay with some monetization in mind. About the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is Minecraft and it's so clunky without a controller it can be hardly called playable.

And to be fair, I don't mind paying for a good game, but frankly, the reviews can hardly be trusted and I've paid for games and still been hammered by ads constantly. Point blank, 99% of the mobile gaming scene is a scam and nothing but regurgitated Bejeweled clones, bad attempts to copy the old flash-based "siege" browser games and other random nonsense that can hardly be considered a game. It's no wonder most PC and console gamers look at mobile with contempt.

MajorLazer868d ago

Dragon Ball Legends is a great mobile game

Elwenil868d ago


Thank you for the list, I will check them out. Not sure why you blocked me though, but ok.

SegaGamer868d ago

Dragon Ball Legends is the perfect example of the type of mobile game Elwenil was talking about.

meep316868d ago

because how dare someone like something he doesnt.

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sprinterboy868d ago

My friend has literally just said to me he spent £100 on his holiday on his mobile game he plays, I was like wtf dude.

SegaGamer868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

I can't help but get mad at those people. They are free to spend their money on whatever they want of course, but it pisses me off that they have contributed in cementing my favourite hobby as a greed infested hell hole. It's all about the money now, it doesn't even matter if gameplay suffers because of it. Microtransactions have to be there now because publishers aren't satisfied unless they have all of the money.

strayanalog869d ago

Prefers to play on a smartphone? This magical window of light can be a big help sometimes and all, but - in my opinion - a gaming platform it isn't.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

Of course it is. The average phone is much stronger than something like PS Vita. You can play 100-man battle royale games with decent graphics. You can use all kinds of different controllers so you aren't limited to touch screen. Games like Dead Cells, Slay the Spire, Ark Survival Evolved, etc. are being ported there. And it makes half of the gaming industry's revenue.

Explain how it isn't?

strayanalog868d ago

Happily. By stating that my comment is about my phone and how I don't use it for gaming, that's how it isn't.

Livingthedream868d ago

I know opinions cant be wrong. But.... games are developed for phones, and make a killing so it is a gaming platform. That's a fact. Just because you dont use your phone for gaming doesnt mean it isn't a gaming platform. Not all people who own pcs use it for gaming, but a gaming platform it is lol just saying.

Wolffenblitz867d ago

Phones get bad rep because of the amount of shitty F2P, microtransaction revenue gathering, timed "actions" to draw the game out longer, shallow pieces of crap that are called games that are pretty much choking all the game stores for mobile.

Games like Ark Survival Evolved barely work on the Switch and it's still extremely buggy on PC. Who in their right mind would try and play something like that on mobile? Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

To me, this article is gathering stats. These stats point to "adults" that are not gamers and since everyone has a fucking phone, they download a game or two. That's what I see.

rainslacker868d ago

I dunno about prefer. I think ti's more that there is more access to a smarphone nowadays than any other device. A game console requires a committed purchase. A smartphone is just something people have. It's easy to get into gaming on it, and while the majority don't, or don't spend money, there are enough of them that do that they can make a lot of money on the devices.

AK91868d ago

I sincerely doubt that.

Flewid638868d ago

Literally everyone has a phone lol.

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Sgt_Slaughter868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

"Video game" is a huge overstatement for games like Candy Crush and the rest.

TheUndertaker85868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

Yeah, like GTA being on mobile too. Along with titles like Fortnite, mobile variations of CoD, Mortal Kombat, and of course “remote play” being available on mobile devices as well.

To stick with the idea that all mobile has is Candy Crush clones is disingenuous to say the least. But it’s pretty obvious to see how individuals here want to downplay.

Google Stadia and other services going to mobile also shows that more companies are moving to a market where their games can be played on mobile.

Also don’t forget that services like PS Now at one point ran on mobile.

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