PlayStation Blogcast 330: Is This Just Fantasy?

Featuring a look back at this week's new episode of State of Play and those sweet, sweet new reveals.

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Jimboms14d ago

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is gonna be a blast but man there's gonna be some salt about the episodic format.

NecrumOddBoy14d ago

If Square didn't give the spiel of "a remake of FF VII is just too big to fit into one game" then most people wouldn't be as upset about it. My biggest issue is how slow SE is and I could easily see falling through. I have a lot of questions.
1. Is this all on PS4 being released close together, or is this 3 full separate games that will now cross generations?
2. Will game progress carry over from each episode or will each game be it's own story (so we have to start at the beginning of each episode even thought it's one story? Will there be a Final FINAL FANTASY VII Complete Version on PS5?
3. Is this going to be the same combat style through all 3 (or more) games?
4. How many years will be between episode 1 and 2 and 3... and what other SE projects are being halted, paused and canceled for this project?
5. What happens with a game stretched over years? It's already been through dev hell. What happens when the director walks away from this again, mid project. What do we get when the last episode gets canceled?
5. Will all three games be available one a single platform or is the story going to receive more one offs on Switch, Phone, etc etc...? FF7 has several mini/side games already.

GameBoyColor13d ago

You raise a good point. If the director leaves, will later episodes be up in the air or even worse canceled like the final dlc plans of ffxv?

MoshA14d ago

If it wasnt episodic we wouldnt see it until 2023 ;/

CaptainOmega14d ago

And that would be FINE. Since it is episodic you won’t see the ending till 2026