VideoGamer: BioShock DLC Hands-On

Sony does have an exclusive DLC weapon of its own inching ever closer to release, and it comes in the form of three brand new challenge rooms for the PS3 version of 2K Games' stupendous FPS BioShock. This time the impact of the DLC is less potent, since the 360 and PC versions of the game have been out for a year. But, however improbably, there are still some of you yet to play what was for many (although not us) 2007's best game. And so, if you're still umming and ahhing over which version to pick up, you'll want to know if the DLC makes the PS3 version the one to fork out your cash on.

Indeed, even if you've already played the 360 or PC versions, perhaps even finished the game, you'll want to know if the DLC makes buying the game all over again, and then the additional £6.29 for the DLC, worthwhile. After a solid hands-on session with two of the three challenge rooms that will be available to download upon its November 20 release, the answer to both those questions looks like an enthusiastic 'yes'.

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