Raising Kratos Documentary: This is Why Sony is Winning right now

Sony understands something about gamers. They understand that gamers are enthralled by the opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain and see how games are made. Sony understands that witnessing the process behind making games can be just as exciting as playing the game itself and with the Raising Kratos Documentary, Sony bridged the gap between gamers and the directors for an exciting and provocative experience.

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sampsonon562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Watched the Doc last night. great movie. I can't wait until the sequel to come out for the ps5. The mix of power and the greatest devs in the world making exclusives, will be simply amazing

solideagle562d ago

I agree, it is great documentary. Never realised how much pressure/money/timeline is at stake when developing game on this scale. GOW is truly a masterpiece and will be remembered forever as game of this generation in my humble opinion.

harmny562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Don't worry. No one on this crappy site realizes how much effort takes to make a game. That's why they like to bash and hate on every game that makes a single mistake. One cosmetic microtransaction decided by the publisher is more important than 200 developers working overtime to make the best game they can.

Livingthedream562d ago

I didn't get a chance to play it prior to selling my pro, any chance they move this to the ps5?

BlaqMagiq1562d ago

I'm guessing you didn't hear the news PS5 is gonna be backwards compatible.

Livingthedream562d ago

Yeah but an upgraded remaster would be pretty solid, or if it updates games similar to how the xbox one x does that would also be great

RosweeSon562d ago

Good things comes to those who wait you’ll be more likely to see a new god of war of PS4 before they move it to ps5. Being as ps5 won’t be out for 18 months minimum and they won’t drop a god of war on launch day. Or first 6 months... plus look at gow1 came at end of ps2 and they still did gow2 on ps2 haha. Also being as ps5 is BC they could easily do gow5? Sequel to PS4 game on PS4 send PS4 off with a bang... if not it’ll be Gran turismo 7 ;)
But yeah reckon GOW6 4-5 years away surely that’ll be the one that pumps ps5 Sony always get the best out of their consoles in the twilight years.

chiefJohn117562d ago

Gaming documentaries are nothing new

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Germaximus562d ago

lol I had the same exact thought. The opinion piece pointing out how "sony knows what gamer wants" in reference to this documentary is just nonsense.

I'm glad they made it though for sure.

Silly gameAr562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Better than the constant promo articles we get for MS and Nintendo.

Hardiman562d ago

I believe the context of the doc is the point!

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ShinRon562d ago

lol the disgrees show you the fanboy mentality of this site wtf

chiefJohn117562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

True, used to it now.

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trooper_561d ago

Or maybe he's trolling?

Nah, couldn't be. /s

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TekoIie562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

"Sony understands that witnessing the process behind making games can be just as exciting as playing the game itself"

Lol, settle down there pal. The only time the documentary could be more exciting than the game is if the development was an absolute clusterfuck and a bad game was produced.

jaycptza562d ago

oh look a Fox News type person

TekoIie562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Educate me on what that means.

bluefox755562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

What does that mean? I thought his comment was stupid as well, but what does Fox News have to do with anything? Would a CNN viewer have better thoughts on the matter? I'm confused.

TekoIie562d ago (Edited 562d ago )


"but what does Fox News have to do with anything? Would a CNN viewer have better thoughts on the matter? I'm confused."

Oh look a MSNBC type person

bluefox755562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

@Tekolie To MSNBC's credit, like Fox News, they actually acknowledge their bias. CNN still to this day, pretends to be impartial, as absurd as that sounds.

TekoIie562d ago

Pretty sure I remember a fair and balanced slogan from Fox at one point so it's debatable. I haven't seen much from them in recent years but I doubt it's radically different. At the end of the day all 3 are big supporters of the establishment so I wouldn't be so quick to offer praise to any of them.

Thundercat77562d ago

A Fox News type person, for those who didn't get it, is a person who spins everything for their own agenda.

For example... Trump is hiding something on his tax returns and that is why he doesn't want to give it. Fox News tried to spin this into something positive.

TekoIie562d ago (Edited 562d ago )


So my agenda is that I think the game is more exciting to play than watching the documentary? O.o

Burn me at the stake immediately, lol!

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Imalwaysright562d ago

Having that many disagrees in a website called news for gamers is hilarious. Why play games when you can watch documentaries?

562d ago
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Stanjara562d ago

Watched it today, what an amazing documentary!

xX-oldboy-Xx562d ago

Absolutely this is why Sony is winning now. So much heart and thoughtfulness was put into GOW. There's not a single aspect of this game that isn't the new industry watermark. SSM knows (and astute consumers know) there needs to be substance behind great graphics and gameplay.

How many movies have you watched in the last 15 or so years that rely so heavily on CGI, that the story and character development take a back seat. The movie ends up a pile of shit and Joe public think movies suck.

Then you get a movie that has a mixture of practical and CGI, use both sparingly, give the story and characters enough room to become compelling to the viewer and BOOM you have a classic movie.

Pans Labyrinth comes to mind.

SSM has done a similar thing with GOW, every aspect was given the attention it deserved. The preasure to reinvent a game that was steadfast in a genre that is one of the more basic genres of gaming, would have been immense.

They pulled it off, Raising Kratos conveys all that emotion beautifully. The parallels between Kratos and the story GOW tells to the people making the game is very compelling and touching.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I think it can't be understated how much heart and soul went into creating GOW. Well done SSM, well done Sony - truly a GOTG contender.

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