Someone drew Mega Man in the God of War style and it's the Norse reboot you didn't know you needed

Every now and again a video game reboot comes along that completely changes how you feel about its characters, message, and the overall franchise. For many people that was God of War, when creative director Cory Barlog reimagined it in the Norse world. Now this might sound ridiculous, but the next candidate could very well be Megaman. Yes, seriously. Artist Marco Plouffe drew the bright blue hero as if he has been brought up in the harsh world of furs, ale, and gods that are a bit too enthusiastic about killing each other and giving birth to giant serpents.

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Nacho_Z866d ago

Hats off for the quality of the picture but it's just shaved Kratos with a helmet. Should be blue surely.

Asuka866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

His concept is blue in the article. The thumbnail is actually protoman I believe... or judge dredd who knows

yomfweeee866d ago

No, the thumbnail is Mega Man in GoW. There is also a Mega Man Dark Souls and Mega Man Alien variant.

Asuka866d ago (Edited 866d ago )


It's clearly protoman's helmet tho...

CorndogBurglar866d ago

You are right. The artist's page shows he has a bunch of projects called "Mega Man in...." where he takes characters from Mega Man and fits them in to other franchises.

This project is called Mega Man in God of War, but this is totally Proto Man. It even says it on his page.

devind866d ago

@yomfweeee The Dark Souls one is not Megaman.

Zeke68866d ago

While this was a great article and concept, I think this "wow let's copy god of war" "wow let's copy battle royal" "let's copy soulsbourne" or whatever is more bad than good for the gaming industry. Why not take, in this example God Of War "style", but put it in let say a middle east setting?
I understand small studios (and ea ms studios) wants to copy everything under the sun, but if you can't come up with your own ideas, why have a studio to begin with?

TLDR; be unique - not a rip off from yesteryear

Zeke68866d ago

Sad to see out 6votes 1 like new, fresh ideas and 5 want another copy and paste game.
No wonder we get a zillion Battle Royal games but not one shooter thinking outside the BR, MT's, multiplayer formula. Why bother do something new and exciting when "the masses" is happy with clone after clone?! I still have hope some unheard of studio is building away on their own unique game like minecraft, pubg, demons souls did back in their beginning. Rather play something new now and then instead of Assassins Creed #57, Need For Speed #326 or battle royal #1057...
Seems I'm in minority here thinking like this. 😩🤔

AK91866d ago

Um no I’m good thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.