Nintendo President Comments On The Risks Of A Potential Hostile Takeover

In a Q+A session during Nintendo's financial results briefing for the year ending March 2019, shared today on Nintendo's website, company president Shuntaro Furukawa addressed a question which explored the possibility of a hostile takeover.

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phoenixwing1598d ago

Who would buy up nintendo? Microsoft would run it into the ground if it tried.

Zeref1598d ago

Microsoft is smart enough to know that you can't buy Nintendo without getting a ton of backlash.

Tencent, Apple, Amazon or Facebook might try

WilliamSheridan1598d ago

I would love if Microsoft did this, then we could have a console and portable Xbox system that plays Nintendo titles. Talk about a perfect match! They would lock up both US and oversees and become the number one gaming company overnight...

Dragonscale1598d ago

@william, not really considering more people own PS4's than xbone and switch combined.

TopherMan1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )


"Tencent, Apple, Amazon or Facebook might try"

Doubtful. Why do you think MS is so much smarter than these companies when it comes to this sort of thing? None of them are known for engaging in hostile takeovers anyway.

"Talk about a perfect match!"

I think Nintendo would suddenly go the route of Blizzard and be a shadow of its former self. That's what happens when you sell your soul.

The_Hooligan1598d ago

I don't think Nintendo would get bought out by a western company. Japanese people are very proud people so if it does happen, it probably would be a company thats from Japan. I am not saying it would be Sony. I think Nintendo is too big for Sony to buy. Of course in saying that I have no idea who much Nintendo is worth and if Sony has the pockets to buy them.

bmf73641598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Why are you being downvoted? It's true. Granted, Microsoft has been playing smart with their practices in th game industry lately. Odds are, they'll treat Nintendo like Mojang and let them do their own thing without regards to their own branding because it's what's best for business (and possibly use any technology for themselves as well, as we saw with Hololens and Minecraft)

Tencent, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are the 4 biggest possibilities for buying Nintendo, and each one is the absolute worst option for the company.

Segata1598d ago

MS already tried almost 20 years ago.

Seraphim1597d ago

not likely. My guess would be some unknown player. Possibly a big investor who already holds a ton of shares in Nintendo or a group [hedge fund] who make the push. A major player is highly unlikely to go hostile. 2 cents

DarXyde1597d ago

But not smart enough put real thought into an all digital Xbox or avoid paywalling F2P games. Right...

Of the companies you mentioned, people have entertained the idea of Apple acquiring Nintendo which also makes the most sense considering the overlap in their principles and global presence, however that is unlikely with the partnership they currently have with Microsoft. Facebook is banned in some countries which would limit Nintendo's presence, Amazon would probably rather build a cloud service, and Tencent acquiring a respected Japanese company via hostile takeover probably wouldn't fly in Japan.

indysurfn1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

I don't think those downvotes are for your second sentence. I think it is for the first one!

Micorosft will go against backlash. example owners said we need more AAA games than just Halo, gears and forza. (now they only have two of those halo stunk twice in a row ).Microsoft keeps not supporting consoles with AAA games.

Micorosft despite warning of backlash since xbox original tried to sale TV,TV,TV! TV in,,,,,TV out!

Micorsoft heard people say they wanted used game sales and physical discs got back lashed after the reveal. (and PS xb1 all digital says they still are trying).

Microsoft heard they would get backlash if they cancelled scalebound (yep they cancelled it).
Micorosft knows what people dont want and try to push it anyway. I could go on all night long, on why they are not as smart with actions as they are with knowledge.

indysurfn1597d ago

@williamSheridan. Yeah technically if Microsoft bought Nintendo they would become the largest overnight.
But I would become RICH you know why? Because I would short the HECK out of Nintendo stock while I could because EVERYONE nows Microsoft will drive them STRAIGHT into the ground! I'm looking at you RARE!

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Apex131598d ago

They tried when they were getting into the market and it didn't go well for them

opc1598d ago

Tencent and maybe Disney

meep3161598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Someone who wants to get into gaming and has a lot of cash. Or maybe even a company like google or Apple could theoretically take them over.

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Nu1597d ago

Nintendo is a beautiful woman, Microsoft is a nerd. He Microsoft wouldn't know what to do with such a woman lol

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roadkillers1598d ago

Wouldn't the best option be to continue growing your capital and create a savings account for all the excess cash Nintendo is pulling in. Once the stock market takes a natural dump, purchase company stocks back at a discount?

locomorales1598d ago

It's an option. But there's always a bigger fish. If market dumps, some other can buy you.

prankster1011598d ago

MS should buy Nintendo. Then it will be called MSN.

meep3161598d ago

I wish more companies would just go private, shareholders cause all kinds of problems in the video game industry these days.