New Saints Row Being Teased by Deep Silver

Deep Silver teased earlier today that we will be hearing from the Saints soon!

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FlyingFoxy1109d ago

Only things that bugged me mostly in past games, health regen was a bit stupid and made food almost pointless IMO, and the vehicles felt much harder to flip over than they did in GTA at least.

SkatterBrain1108d ago

saints row 4 i bever rode a vehicle, i was using my super powers much faster getting around, saints row 3 i enjoyed pimping my cars

Profchaos1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

I forgot it was even possible to get in a car after the one and only time you drive around in the introduction.

I played 3 almost 80% in helicopters

1108d ago
ReVibe1108d ago

Same. SR4= Pimp my Me

MajorLazer1108d ago

They better make it more like SR2 with a sprinkling of SR3 in there. SR4 was beyond retarded

Araragifeels 1109d ago

I am hoping that Saints Row get a reboot and just mostly focus been a gangster game than a parody. I want another game like Saints Row 2.

PhantomS421108d ago

Yeah. I love that it's completely off the walls nuts and doesn't take itself seriously but they went too far into the deep end. Saints Row 2 and even 3 had a good balance.

Zjet1108d ago

Yep, I love the entire series but Saints Row 2 was freakin awesome, it had a good balance of serious/fun

UnholyLight1108d ago

Yeah I really enjoyed 1 and 2 when it was sort of an alternate GTA type game. I guess they changed to differentiate themselves more but the over the top stuff got a bit old.

ReVibe1108d ago

This sentiment's echo is a pinball lighting up the board. If they end up with anything like 4 again, the dismay with Agents of Mayhem isn't gonna scrub off. It'll just sell to kids with Switches that just got a taste of post-Stilwater Volition.

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PhoenixUp1109d ago

How is that possible? Isn’t Agents of Mayhem canonically what happened after Gat out of Hell?

I wouldn’t complain if there were another Saints Row, but I wonder what it’d be like since Saints Row ended with you king of the galaxy or something and you can’t escalate from that

porkChop1109d ago

It would probably be a reboot to refocus the franchise.

jznrpg1108d ago

King of the Multiverse duh

ReVibe1108d ago

The backdoor the writers left unlocked to get back in was Zinyak having a time machine @[email protected]

porkChop1109d ago

Make it more like SR 2 and 3. Just don't make the story quite as over-the-top as SR 3 was.

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The story is too old to be commented.