How Denis Dyack Convinced Shigeru Miyamoto to Let Eternal Darkness Break the Fourth Wall

Denis Dyack had to work to convince Shigeru Miyamoto that Eternal Darkness should have fourth wall-breaking moments.

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Orbilator621d ago

What an awesome game it was. Always wanted a follow up or remaster. A franchise wasted for sure

PhoenixUp621d ago

God forbid Nintendo make a franchise out of an M-rated series

Bayonetta is the closest they’ve come so far, yet that’s still owned by Sega

rlow1620d ago

I was just thinking about this game the other day. It was brilliant. I remember as my character is growing more insane the "your controller is disconnected" popping up. Started to check my controller then realized that the game was messing with me. A real surprise and made the game that much better.