Wolfenstein: Youngblood Will Have Lots of Similarities to Dishonored Games in Level Design, Says Dev

Executive Producer Jerk Gustafsson revealed that players can expect Wolfenstein: Youngblood to have lots of similarities in level design to Dishonored, thanks to the contribution of Arkane Lyon.

He also explained that while the campaign's length will be shorter, there will be far more side activities and missions than in previous Wolfenstein titles.

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MoshA74d ago

This game will be generic. I'll patiently wait for Arkane Studio's next masterpiece.

Alexious74d ago

Arkane rocks, but why do you think this'll be generic?

MoshA74d ago

Same engine as previous game and the main characters are annoying.

Gridknac74d ago

Well for one, BJ is not the main character. Also to me them already saying it will be a shorter campaign means they didn't want to spend $ to make it a full installment. Probably because internally they think that it might not go over so well with long time fans. Another point would be, in what previous Wolfenstein game could there be comparisons drawn between it and Dishonored. This again tells me they are deviating from previous gameplay.
Now this does not necessarily mean it will be generic, but the signs are there.

supes_2473d ago

You’re a trolling tool! I just came from another article and you keep spewing the same garbage. “This game is generic” blah blah blah. Such a tool

MoshA73d ago

Keep crying but none of this garbage will even content for GOTY :)

Kabaneri74d ago

Open areas with hubs is the way to go.

Cybermario74d ago

interesting, loved Dishonored!

jznrpg74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Sounds good . I like that they are mixing it up . Just because women are in the game doesn’t bother me either as long as it’s a good game and it’s written well

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The story is too old to be commented.