PS4 Assured To End Lifespan At 3rd Best Selling Console Ever. At Least.

If you look at the numbers, and the list of best selling consoles in history. The PS4 is virtually guaranteed to finish in 3rd place at the very least.

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Donnie811670d ago

Thing is PlayStation’s sell for years longer in third world countries. Just because a ps5 comes out doesn’t mean the ps4 won’t still move units. This thing will be 1 or 2 when it’s all over with

kayoss1670d ago

Im assuming the thinking is that whatever is on store shelves are consider to Sony, "sold". I might be wrong though.

RizBiz1670d ago

You're think "shipped" vs "sold." Sony almost always releases "sold" numbers, which means consoles actually sold to customers. M$, on the other hand, usually posts "shipped" numbers to make it seem like their systems are selling better than they are... at least until they're being outsold 2:1, then they stop posting numbers altogether and start trying to convince people that numbers sold don't matter.

uptownsoul1670d ago

PS4 is going to be the 3rd best selling [Dedicated Gaming Device] ever (PS2=155M, Nintey DS=154M…..PS1=102M)…PS4 will beat PS1

PS4 will be 2nd best selling [Home Console] ever (PS2=155M….PS1=102M)…PS4 will beat PS1

(just pointing out the clear, yet subtle distinction)

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jznrpg1670d ago

They support their systems until the end so they keep selling even when the new generation has started. Xbox drops there support before he generation ends which is why I'll never buy one again

septemberindecember1670d ago

Thats not quite true, Fable Anniversary, Forza Horizon 2, and Rise of the Tomb Raider were released by MS after Xbox One launched.

Eonjay1670d ago

They sell for years in emerging markets you mean.

bmf73641670d ago

The PSone never hit 100m before the PS2 came out. When the PS2 did come out, they introduced a cheaper slim model that still made it a compelling choice for people who couldn't afford a PS2

sampsonon1670d ago

when the ps5 comes out there are many that will take advantage of the price drop of the pro. many won't be ready to fork out $500 and in my case $550 plus tax of course . for a new console. so yes it will sell for a few years after the ps5's launch

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sssb1670d ago

Amazing exclusive games and reasonable price, well played Sony :)

UltraNova1670d ago

+Great online infrastructure, VR, Share play...

FallenAngel19841670d ago

“You see, with the PS4 closing in on 100 million units, and not seeing an official price drop in 3 years, yet seeing continued high units sold every year without being at the coveted $200 or less price point, the PS4 is guaranteed to finish at an impressive number.”

PS4 sales will kick up when Sony officially drops it to $200-$250

2pacalypsenow1670d ago

That would give Sony the Top 3 selling consoles

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BLow1670d ago

Ok, and your point? How they count a handheld as a console is beyond me in my opinion. What I find funny is that the PSP was considered a failure yet it sold 80 million and NO ONE ever brings that up. Just sayin.....

TheHateTheyGive1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

The best looking exclusives on any console, the best looking games this gen in Driveclub, bloodborne, days gone, HZD, GOW, spiderman, mlb 19 the show. Nothing on any console can match what ps4 and pro have to offer. No multplat games will ever match exclusives graphically.

Hardiman1670d ago

Yeah I thought AC Origins and Odyssey looked good and they do for third party titles but Days Gone graphics are just so much better! The HDR is implemented well too but the details that are in its open world still blow me away. Just compare Uncharted 4, HZD, Bloodborne, GOW, Spider-Man and Days Gone to third party titles and it's obvious that when devs have the talent and harness the power of one machine the results are astounding!

TheHateTheyGive1670d ago

Amen! I wish MS gave me a reason to buy the X other than resolution in some 3rd party games. I dont care for old games via BC.